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Unique RV Product: The Luci Light Inflatable Solar-Powered Lantern

Luci light originalWith solar energy technology advancing all the time, companies have come up with some neat products.

One of those fascinating (and useful) products is the Luci series of LED lights by MPOWERD.

The Luci Original light has ten bright LEDs that run off a rechargeable, solar-powered lithium ion battery. This is no ordinary light fixture though.

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The LEDs, solar panels, and battery are mounted inside and on top of an inflatable air bladder.

When collapsed, the unit fits into a space just an inch tall. With just a few breaths, the compressed plastic expands, allowing you to charge the internal battery or use the light.

In the video below, full-time RVer Andrew Odom will show you how simple it is to setup, charge, and use the Luci light at your campsite.

Review of the Luci light at an RV park.


Original video by Tiny r(E)volution


I’m absolutely not going to lie about this. I don’t much about solar power. I know the basics of solar power, I know that I enjoy solar power, I know that it gets me off the grid, and I know that a lot of the occasions it’s pretty affordable. But I don’t l know much about the ins and outs of solar.

But what I do know is that there’s a lot of great things on the market that keep you from having to dig deep into solar arrays and deep cell batteries and new wiring and things like that.

And one of those cool things on the market is the Luci lights by MPOWERD. That’s L-U-C-I. And so today I’ve got some Luci lights and I’m going to show you just how easy something like this is because it’s perfect for the tiny house, perfect for the RV, perfect for a mobile situation, perfect camping, hiking, or just sitting around at your picnic table.

So let’s check it out very quick, how you very easily take a Luci light out of the box and get it ready to provide you with quality LED Light. The simple first step really is just take it out of the package.

The package isn’t that fancy really, and all you’re going to do is just open it up like that. And you’re going to pull out your Luci light which looks just like this, a little disk, and it’s that thin.

So you can already tell it’s easy to pack up and take with you on the trail or in your camper or you know stow in your tiny house or something like that.

So you’re going to pull it out of the box and then you’re going to get ready to inflate it.

And so that’s it. You’ve now got a solar light that weighs about 4 ounces. It’s got ten LEDs which are inside, you can’t really see it until they’re on.

You’ve got your solar panels on top right here. And you’re going to basically just take the light now put it out in direct sun for about eight hours, or the cool things about these is that also can use incandescent lighting. So you can put it near an incandescent light for about ten hours, and it will fully charge.

And then you just take one this side with the solar panels, you just press the button like so, and your light comes on and you’re good to go. You’ve got LED solar lighting that easy.

And so that’s it. Eight hours in direct sun, ten hours in incandescent lighting, and you’ve got the perfect ambiance for sitting out under your awning, sitting outside, hanging out in your tent, having a cup of coffee, whatever you want. And if the mood really strikes you, you can get a little special with the aura light.

They’re great, they’re great. The empowered solar lanterns. Thanks again for watching us on Tiny r(E)volution, remember if you liked this video, give us a thumbs up right below, you want to subscribe, find out all about our weekly blogs. Be sure to do that by clicking the red button. We thank you, we’ll see you again next week.

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