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7 Easy And Useful Mods For Your RV

RVers are an ingenious lot and once you have been around the block you gather a lot of ideas from others and your own experience. There are a lot of inexpensive and simple things you can buy and do for your RV to save time, money, and trouble.

If you spend a lot of time in your rig, you know that it will suck up every available second, dollar, and worry if you let it. Here are seven simple mods you can use on your RV! Be sure to pass them along to your fellow RVers.

1. Quick disconnect hoses

qucik disconnect hoses
Use quick connect couplings on your pressure and drain lines. Photo by YankeeToys

When you pull into a campsite, time is of the essence. The idea is to set up as quickly and painlessly as possible to get down to the serious business of relaxing. Daily chores, such as hooking up your water and electric, can put a dent in your free time.

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By using quick connect couplings on your pressure and drain lines, you can eliminate the hassle of hunting for pliers and dealing with stuck couplings. They can be purchased ready-to-use from any hardware store or online and threaded onto any standard hose coupler.

2. Portable grey water storage canisters

Grey water storage
Plastic water containers are cheap and super useful. Photo by YankeeToys

Many RVs have separate grey and black water outlets. This allows you to drain dish and sink water out without taking up valuable volume in your septic tank which has to be pumped clear once it’s full.

An easy way to do this is to use a plastic water container, such as the one pictured here. They are sold on Amazon and at most discount, auto parts, and farm supply stores in various capacities. Remember, one gallon of water equals approximately eight pounds, so get one you can manage.

3. Full extension storage tray guides

RV mods
Full extension guides. Photo by RV Travel

Heavy duty full extension guides can be had from any home improvement center and can be used for a variety of things around an RV. RV pantries tend to be troublesome, since they are narrow and deep, making them hard to get to the back of.

By putting shallow trays in place of shelves and adding full extension guides, your pantry becomes easily accessible from both sides, making it possible to reach items in the back without unloading shelves. These guides can be used in belly storage on trailers and motorhomes as well to make the job of stowing and using gear that much simpler.

4. Install this super cool plate dispenser

plate dispenser
Use a dispenser for your paper plates. Photo by OrganizeIt

For less than $10, never deal with a huge stack of paper plates taking up half your cabinet space again! This dispenser will hold up to 125 standard paper plates.

The setup works equally well for Styrofoam or plastic plates, although capacity may vary. The dispenser mounts under a cupboard or on the ceiling to save counter space and keep those pesky disposable plates from flying away. You’ll also have your plates within easy reach for quick meal or snack preparation.

5. Build an awesome under-cabinet spice rack

RV mods
Under-cabinet spice rack. Photos by Lumberjack

cabinet closed

A few scraps of hardwood, some half-inch plywood, a pair of hinges, some chain, and your favorite paint or stain is all you need to create this incredibly useful under-cabinet holder.

The woodworking is simple and sized to suit your favorite seasoning containers. This box will keep them snug, safe and out of the way. The same thing could be done for tools or anything else that needs simple tray storage. Imagine how much space you could create if you put one under each cabinet!

6. Convert your steps into storage


In many motorhomes and travel trailers, you ascend to the main level via two or three full-sized steps. These steps are made of plywood or chipboard and carpet, making them easy to modify.

Simply rebuild the boxes with thick hinged tops (3/4 inch plywood will suffice) and attach the top at the back with a piano hinge. Their position right inside the door makes this an ideal place for tools that might be used in case of emergencies. Choose items that don’t get used too frequently, since closing down the entrance stairs to access items can be a hassle.

7. Switch to LED lights

LED lights are more energy efficient. Photo by ThePopupPrincess

There are two main reasons you will like this mod. First, it means you get the same amount of light for a lot less electricity, so when you are boondocking off of batteries or solar, you can get more out of your system without needing to recharge!

Second, some of those lamps are a pain to replace and using LEDs ensures you won’t be replacing them any time soon. You can get replacement bulbs for many of your halogen and incandescent fixtures, or inexpensive replacement fixtures are simple to install.

2 thoughts on “7 Easy And Useful Mods For Your RV”

  1. My RV didn’t have a very large medicine cabinet. I bought a canvas shoe organizer with mesh pockets. I hung it on the inside of the bathroom door. The mesh pockets allow me to see what is in the pocket and it lasts longer than the plastic ones. Now a lot of my smaller bathroom items are stored in their own pockets for easy retrieval. My medicine cabinet is also less messy.

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