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Vintage BIOD Bambi Camper Morphed Into A Gorgeous 1950s Style Diner With Bed

This 1980 BIOD Bambi turned into a delightful little getaway courtesy of Flickr user AILAFM. Her photos capture the style and finesse she put into the restoration of this micro fiberglass camper. Turquoise-colored fabric replaced the camper’s outdated coverings and a stylish black and white checkerboard pattern looks an awful lot better than the original pink carpeting.

The Dutch BIOD company built this Bambi in 1980.


The tiny camper has a kitchen with a two-burner stove and a sink. The dinette turns into a cozy bed at night and all the windows have white drapes and privacy screens.

She tore out the pink carpet and outdated fabric.


And now the camper looks like a 1950s diner. Living is good with a stove, sink and a dinette that turns into a bed.


The Dutch trailer company BIOD (Better is Our Motto) designed and manufactured these fiberglass trailers from 1960 until the mid-2000s. After numerous ownership changes, the BIODs ceased production of the trailers in 2007. They were sold primarily in the European market, but some made it over to North America and have become popular restoration projects.

The BIOD campers were cast out of fiberglass molds.


The Bambi was one of the versions made from 1980 on, and featured one-piece fiberglass hull construction with windows and doors cut into the shell. This type of composite is also used in boats and aerospace engineering and keeps the trailers light, durable and leak proof.


To see more photos of this renovated BIOD camper, visit AILAFM’s Flickr album.

Photos by AILAFM/Flickr

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