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Vintage Campervan Wedding Rentals are a Hit in the UK

These couples really must love camping and Volkswagen campervans because the colorful vehicles are a big part of these beautiful ceremonies. Various companies in the United Kingdom rent out VW campervans for the transportation of bridal parties, as a great backdrop for wedding photos, or for a mini honeymoon getaway.

Pear Tree Wedding stocks their VW campervans with champagne


Pear Tree Weddings rents out several VW campervans with stylish interiors and custom wedding decorations. The vans can be used for chauffeuring the bridal party to and from the ceremony or reception and they are stocked with champagne, tissues, mints, water and umbrellas. The vans have names like Morris and Wilson (in bridal white, of course), Basil and Daphne in minty green and Flossy with a striped pop top. Pear Tree’s rentals start at around £300 ($445).

The “Sally Jo” campervan includes “Mr” and “Mrs” pillows


Campervan Weddings in Staffordshire rent out Sally Jo, a 1968 Bay Window campervan. She is fully restored and painted savannah beige and white and the interior includes “Mr” and “Mrs” pillows. Sally Jo costs around £320 ($475) for a four hour package.

Lazy Days Camper Van Rentals have several colorful campers


Lazy Days Camper Van Rentals in Ireland have several VW vans available for weddings including Splitty, a white over green 1973 split screen and Indy, a 1976 sand and chrome microbus. The rates for rentals start at €450 ($489) for three days.

Groovy Campers plays the couple’s favorite wedding playlist


Groovy Campers in North Norfolk offers a chauffeur with “Bud the wedding Dub”, a 1956 VW dove blue split screen. The £325 ($482) cost includes Bud decorated in ribbons and flowers, champagne and your favorite music played over the speakers.


VW Deluxe Weddings offers wedding campervan rentals in the North East part of England and has one 1971 microbus originally from Huntington Beach, Calif. The restored VW is cream and white with shiny trim—perfect for any wedding decor.

Now, all we need is for these companies to come to the United States. Anyone?


Photos by Pear Tree Weddings, Campervan Weddings, Lazy Days CampersGroovy Campers, VW Deluxe Weddings

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