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13 Vintage Volkswagen Camper Van Advertisements

The Volkswagen camper van is one of the most iconic RVs of all time. With unmistakable lines and plenty of windows, this popular camping mobile stood out from the crowd. Take a digital walk back in time and see how Volkswagen advertised their flagship camper model 40 and 50 years ago.

Beyond glamping.

The VW Campmobile was priced at $3,049.

A “small hotel” you could park almost anywhere.

Business in the front, party…on the sides?

Lots of text on this one.

Family fun.

Hey, 27 mpg is pretty good.

Station Wagons…that was a long time ago.

Welcome to the Hotel Volkswagen (“such a lovely place”).

Take the Bus, from 1977.

No doubt.

Makes a great beach camper, too.

Looks like we have a winner.

Photos via JakartaCampervan.