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You’ll Fall In Love With These Life-Size Volkswagen Camper Van Tents

I think we can all pretty much agree that buying a new RV (or any vehicle, really) isn’t always the cheapest purchase. Sure, you can get lucky and score a great deal on one that’s used rather than brand new, but you’re still looking at a pretty hefty price compared to a good ole-fashioned tent.

Getting the most bang for your buck is important, and buying a recreational vehicle is still a decent investment for your happiness – especially a vintage Volkswagen camper van. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, these quirky, life-size tents on Amazon may just be the next best thing.

The tents are modeled after the original T1 1965 camper van, down to every little detail. In case you get caught in the rain, they also feature a waterproofed exterior.

Ice Cool Gadgets

At a life-scale size, you probably won’t even be able to tell the difference. All they’re really missing is an engine and some working tires.

Ice Cool Gadgets

The tents are pretty easy to set-up. They come with standing poles bungee-corded with quality click connectors, ropes, pegs, and simple instructions. They’ll sleep up to four people, between two inner double-sized rooms.

Ice Cool Gadgets

You’ll be able to choose between three different colors – blue, red and orange. They also make a cheaper, smaller version for the little ones.


With its huge, life-scale size, the tent provides a spacious area to walk around without feeling too crowded – like in regular tents – unless you’re ridiculously tall, of course.


They may be unlike your traditional Volkswagen van or normal camping tent, but they’re still pretty awesome and easy to put together. Check out more details and the instructions in this short video:

What do you think? Would you go camping in one of these unique Volkswagen tents?

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