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Watching This Man Back His Trailer Will Make You Want To Help

Sometimes the easiest way to learn something is to see what not to do. The driver of this red pickup tried and tried and tried to back his Travelaire Rustler trailer out of a tight spot.

Things are not looking good.

Things are not looking good

To make matters worse (or at least more humiliating) a group of bikers walked out of a nearby building as he tried to turn his rig around.

Trailer backing fail

A person stopped to watch.

Woman watching stuck trailer

And watch…

Person watch trailer back up

But eventually kept on walking.

Person kept on walking

Finally some kind hearted people (including one of the earlier bikers!) came to his rescue, and helped guide the trailer as he backed his truck.

Biker helping back trailer

Watch the entire scene unfold in the video below.

While it took a while, it’s nice to see that this driver finally found some help. I can just feel the anxiety as he kept going back and forth, trying to free the trailer. Did you also feel like you wanted to go out there and turn it around yourself!?

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  1. When backing up any trailer put your hand that you are steering with at bottom of steering wheel. This way what ever direction you want the trailer to turn you turn the steering wheel in that direction it works for sure.

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