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Waterless Washing System That Promises To Help You Remove Bug Residue From The Front Of Your Motorhome

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Wash Wax manufacturers waterless washing products of “aircraft quality”. While designed to clean aircraft, the company says their waterless washing solutions make cleaning RVs and boats faster, and easier.

If you struggle with removing bug residue from the front of your motorhome, a couple of Wash Wax waterless washing products in particular might help you get your RV clean. In this video, Wash Wax demonstrates how to use their Wash Wax All Blue formula, along with their specially-designed mop, to remove bugs from a motorhome’s windshield.

And if you know someone who’s a neat freak about their RV, this Wash Wax system has everything you need to clean any RV – all without water. The kit comes with:

  • Wash Wax mop head
  • mop pole
  • two microfiber mop pads, and four extras
  • four microfiber towels
  • one gallon of Wash Wax All
  • spray bottle
  • degreaser
  • scrubber pads
  • plus a storage bag

Hey, if it’s good enough for a Prevost, there shouldn’t be any risk in using this product. What do you think about using waterless washing products to clean your RV?

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