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Build Your Own Camper Van With These Conversion Kits

If you’d like to build out a camper van but you’re not sure where to start, a conversion kit can make the project much faster and easier.  Wayfarer Vans offers complete kits that you can assemble at home or have installed for free at their location in Colorado Springs.

Photos by Wayfarer Vans

Their conversion kits are made to outfit RAM ProMaster City cargo vans (years 2015-2017), SLT or Standard.  Wayfarer also recently introduced larger “Walter” kits for the 136″ wheelbase, high roof ProMaster vans (as pictured).

Both are 100% modular, meaning that you can remove and/or re-install each component easily without permanently altering the van.

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The conversions only take an hour or two to complete using basic tools.  Their ProMaster City kits include a floor, camper boxes, table, and panels.  The larger kits have even more features:

  • All wall and ceiling panels insulated with Reflectix
  • A kitchen galley with a large countertop, pump faucet and sink, quick disconnect plumbing for your fresh and grey water holding tanks (also included), and plenty of storage space for kitchen equipment and non-perishables
  • Flooring with integrated cargo management tracks to secure gear
  • Soft paneling for wheel wells, window surfaces, and other small spaces
  • A bed platform (including cushions) that can be secured upright to be used as a seating area during the day
  • A small bench seat that doubles as storage and as a way to step up onto the bed
  • Shelving with adjustable bungees to hold camping gear like pillows, blankets, etc.
The kitchen galley has lots of storage.

Buyers can choose between khaki/grey panels, a wood or euro-grey floor, and camper boxes with denim, burgandy, or olive-colored cushions.  If you don’t like their cushion options you can also mail them six yards of your own fabric to customize them.

There’s lots of storage space under the bed for bulky outdoor gear like bikes, awnings, and camping chairs.


Their ProMaster City kits cost $4,696, and the larger Walter kits are priced at $8,795.  Installation at their location in Colorado Springs is free, otherwise there is a $500 shipping fee.  Since they just launched the larger Walter kit in August 2017 it’s only available for local pickup with free installation, but they’ll later announce if shipping becomes available.

Used, the cargo vans typically cost anywhere from $18,500 to $22,000, depending on availability, mileage, and year.  New from the dealership they can sell anywhere from $26,500 to $39,000.  Wayfarer also works with local dealerships and has the option to include the conversion kits with the loan for your van.

The bed can be propped up.

The kits take about 2-3 weeks to build.  You can order them ahead of time, stop by their shop a few weeks later to have it installed, and be on your way later that afternoon.  Components can also be ordered separately, if you aren’t looking to do a complete conversion.

This video gives a closer look at their new Walter conversion kit:

You can get more info on their conversion kits on their website at

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