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10 WD-40 Uses Around The RV

can of WD-40 for WD-40 uses

10 Ways To Use WD-40 Around The RV

WD-40 has been used in the automotive and repair world for a long time, but did you know this spray has a lot of day-to-day applications as well? It’s an all-purpose solvent, so it has a lot of handy uses as a cleaner. WD-40 uses go beyond the garage and auto shop!

Although it can do all the usual stuff like lubricate hinges, prevent rust, and remove grease, this spray has proven to be useful for all sorts of other things. Whether it’s removing gum from hair or breaking in a baseball glove, this product can do it all. 

RVers often need help with the automotive and home life aspects of their setup, and WD-40 comes in handy more often than you might think. Below we have ten WD-40 uses that you might want to keep in mind if you own an RV.

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1. Prevent bug splatters

If you have an RV, chances are you drive a lot! And everyone who drives and cleans a car knows that bugs are constantly smearing across your windshield and front grille. This is annoying (and gross), but WD-40 can help prevent the problem before it takes hold. 

Just spray a generous amount across your hood, grille, and windshield. Now any bugs that hit you on the road will just slide right off, instead of getting stuck to the surface. If any do remain, they’ll be pretty easy to wipe off, thanks to the coating of WD-40. 

2. Remove paint stains

Another problem that drivers frequently experience is minor bumps and scrapes with other vehicles. This happens even more often for RV owners since their vehicles are much larger and bulkier. Sometimes you might pick up a bit of someone else’s paint. It’s usually not a big deal on either end, but these paint rubs can sometimes be hard to budge.

Here comes another one of the best WD-40 uses! This is a solvent that can easily loosen some stubborn paint. However, it’s also gentle enough that it won’t mess with the underlying paint job of your vehicle. You get the benefits of paint removal without the risk of causing additional damage. 

3. Clean carpets

Carpets seem to be magnets for messes, and the ones in RVs have to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. If you happen to spill something on a rug or carpet in your RV, don’t worry! WD-40 can loosen the stain before it sets in. This is especially helpful for oily stains that might come from food, automotive parts, or wax. 

Just spray some WD-40 on the affected area and let it sit for a moment to sink in. Once it has had time to loosen the stain, scrub the area with a washcloth and repeat as many times as necessary. Of course, there are other types of carpet cleaners, but WD-40 is a great backup option to keep on hand. 

4. Snow-proof windows

Nobody likes windows that are icy or piled high with snow! This is a common problem for RV owners who want to travel and camp during the winter. Although you can manually sweep most of the snow off of the windows, this doesn’t fix the underlying layer of ice.

As always, WD-40 can come to the rescue here. Because it’s an oily spray, water doesn’t easily adhere to it. In fact, the WD in the name stands for water displacing, so it’s excellent for keeping water and ice away. Spray your windows with WD-40 if you expect it to snow soon and enjoy a clear view of the outside world. 

5. Keep bugs away

Did you know that most bugs hate WD-40? It’s true! This substance has proven to be an effective deterrent for spiders, cockroaches, slugs, snails, and a variety of other insects. If you are constantly in a battle against pests, WD-40 could be a great weapon for you.

Many people like to spray it around windowsills, vents, doorways, and other places where insects could enter. Once the bugs get a whiff of this spray, they’ll turn tail and buzz out of your life.

6. Remove oil stains on concrete

Camping in an RV is great, but sometimes it’s a bit messy. When you stay in one place for a while or need to do maintenance on your RV, you might leave an oil stain on the concrete underneath your vehicle. These are unsightly and can be difficult to remove. 

One of the best WD-40 uses is as a grease cleaner, so it works perfectly for this situation. Apply a generous amount of WD-40 to the oil stain, then wash it away with some water, soap, and elbow grease. The stain will be gone in no time!

7. Clean the toilet

Speaking of cleaning applications, WD-40 uses extend to the home as well! You can use it to take care of various stains and spills, but it also works well as a toilet cleaner. If you have water lines or lime stains in the toilet bowl, you usually need something a bit stronger than your usual toilet cleaner. 

Spray some WD-40 along the lime buildup, then scrub it with a toilet brush. If you need something a bit stronger, combine the strength of WD-40 with the scrubbing power of a pumice stone. 

8. Keep door locks ice-free

Another winter problem that vehicle owners face is ice buildup. This can make your doors stiff and your locks difficult to open. It’s a serious problem if you can’t get into your RV on a cold day.

A little spritz of WD-40 around the lock usually does the trick. This keeps the mechanism lubricated and unfrozen so you can easily use the key.

9. Waterproof shoes

WD-40 can also be used to polish and waterproof your winter boots and shoes. Just apply a coat of WD-40 and the spray will create a water repellent.

10. Polishes wood

Finally, WD-40 uses include being a polishing agent for wood. RVs are full of furniture and often have wooden accents and cabinets. If these ever start to look a bit dull, you can rub the wonder spray into the surface of wood or leather.

This brings out the rich colors and textures of any material and keeps everything looking brand new. It can even be used to remove scuffs and stains on wooden surfaces, so WD-40 is a great treatment for wood (or faux wood) floors. 

WD-40 uses are extremely broad, and it works for almost any home or automotive problem you might face. Keep a few cans of this in your cleaning closet, and you’ll be surprised at how often they come in handy. 

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