Easy Ways To Conserve Fuel While RV Camping

Whether you're boondocking or living in your RV full-time, it’s a good idea to find ways to conserve your fuel. Conserving fuel helps save money and ensure that you have propane when you need it.

Propane is used to run your RV furnace, the burners on your stove, your oven, and your water heater. Your refrigerator will likely run on propane if you are not connected to shore power.  Check out these tips to conserve fuel.

Reduce your propane usage

Turn on the water heater only when needed. Heat your water for dishes or cooking over the fire. 

Add Reflectix to your windows

You might think that using Reflectix is only for keeping your RV cooler in the summer. It can also help insulate your RV in the winter and keep you from losing heat through your windows, which means you will burn more propane.

Use an RV vent insulator & skylight cover

A vent insulator and skylight cover will also go a long way toward saving propane. These areas are another major source of heat loss.

Purchase a space heater

Space heaters are another great way to add extra warmth and reduce your propane use. Of course, you will only be able to use these when you are connected to shore power or with your generator running.

Install a gas/electric water heater

If you have a gas-only water heater, you might want to switch to one that uses both gas and electricity.