How To Prevent RV Roof Damage This Winter

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RV roof damage can lead to a host of problems if not found and repaired quickly.  Moisture can gain entry through the impaired area, causing water damage to interior panels, upholstery,  carpet, and more.

Your best defense against RV roof damage is to take preventative measures, especially from snow and hail.  Here are a few ways to avoid RV roof damage this winter.

Cover your RV roof

RV covers will prevent potential roof damage from moisture but it won't protect from hail or the weight of snow. Use slanted/pitched sheathing under the cover to help shed snow and protect against hailstones.

Move your RV

Weather apps do a good job at providing information on approaching snow or hailstorms. With this information, you have time to move your RV out of harm’s way.

Store it undercover

This can be in a commercial facility or in a structure on your own property. Possibilities include garages, pole buildings, metal RV carports, etc. 

Avoid parking under trees

Tree limbs can break off during hailstorms or from the weight of snow, sending them crashing onto your RV. To minimize the chance of roof damage, avoid parking under trees when snow or hail is a possibility.

Remove snow from the roof

Even if the snow falls as light, fluffy powder, it will eventually start melting and turning to ice. The repeated freeze/thaw cycle of ice on the roof of your RV can potentially cause all kinds of damage to seams and fixtures.

Retract slideouts

By retracting your slideouts before a hail or snowstorm, you can protect the slideout roofs/slideout toppers from potential damage.

carry insurance

While comprehensive RV insurance can’t prevent roof damage, it can provide peace of mind that you are protected from the unexpected, like being caught unprepared in a hail or snowstorm.