See Inside This Renovated 1983 Scamp Trailer

You can find a wide variety of fiberglass trailers on Fiberglass Classifieds. One that recently went up for sale near Austin, Texas was this 1983 Scamp trailer that has been beautifully renovated inside and out.

The 13-foot trailer was upgraded with a new axle, new hubs, wheels, and tires, as well as a full fiberglass restoration and fresh new paint. Here was what it looked like before the renovation.

All rivets were professionally replaced and upgraded as well. The vintage Scamp got new front and back windows and gaskets and all-new LED rear and signal lights.

Other exterior upgrades include a new roof hatch, new window cranks, and a lithium battery system for LED lighting.  The power cord had an open mouse hole, so it was upgraded to a marine-style closed plug. The water tank, lines, and faucets were also replaced.

The inside got a major upgrade as well. The carpet was removed and replaced with a luxurious vinyl plank flooring. The trailer also got two new sets of custom curtains.

The kitchen was adorned with a new faux marble tile backsplash. The owner also removed the icebox and installed a cabinet door to allow for additional storage access.

New LED lighting was installed throughout the trailer. The battery system powers the dimmable scones, kitchen lights, and floor lighting.

The interior also has a new Ikea closet storage unit, new custom cushions, and an 8-inch memory foam dinette/bed, as well as a chemical toilet that stows away when not in use. 

The door was reupholstered with new seals and new hardware; the door window was also rebuilt with a new mechanism and new seals.

The renovated Scamp trailer is currently listed for sale in Austin, Texas for $15,000. You can view the listing on