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What Is The Best Product To Use For Waxing Your RV?

With so many different products available to wax your RV, it can be difficult to choose the ‘best’ one. Fortunately, many RVers have had success with a number of different waxes and sealants. In this article, nine RVers share their thoughts on which wax they trust to keep their RV looking its best.

Best product for waxing an RV

Collinite #845 Insulator Wax

Contact Collinite and ask for their recommendations as they make several waxes for fiberglass boats, trucks, airplanes, cars, etc. I have been using their #845 Insulator Wax a pure wax on all of my vehicles for the past 20+ years. I have never found any wax easier to apply, or better  – Nomadac at

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P-38-Q RV, Boat and Aircraft Wax and Protect All Surface Cleaner

I use a paste wax called RV, Boat & Aircraft Wax P-38-Q. It’s a high quality product and gives a long-lasting coat. The spray on variety I like is Protect-All Surface Cleaner. It does a great job fast. Both of these waxes have proved to be safe on my units decals and plastics with no signs of fading in the two years I’ve had the RV.  For application and buffing I prefer to use some soft clothes verses an electric buffer. My unit has a Filon type coating and I’m not 100% sure if it could be damaged by too aggressive of buffing so I error on the side of caution. The front fiberglass cap as mentioned before gets some extra attention, usually 2 or 3 coats to make it super slick. – Ray at Love Your RV

RV/Marine Wax from Meguiars

Avoid concentrated cleaner ohen the decals when washing off the bugs and road grime. This will kill the decals. I use rv/marine wax from Meguiars. I get it from marine supply stores… works great!!! – sayby1campers at


I recently waxed my Jayco Designer with Rejex. As my Jayco is only 6 months old, I can’t tell you how it will affect the decals. I also store my unit inside so UV will not be much of a problem. The Rejex was easy to put on and take off. On of the reasons I chose Rejex is we normally get into love bugs in south Texas sometime during April when we visit there. The love bugs are supposed to have a body acid that is very hard on finishs. Rejex is supposed to repel these acids…time will tell. – Rough2000 at

303 Aerospace Protectant

Wash RV using mild detergent or what ever you use (do not use rv wash/wax all in one) then apply the 303 on decals with soft cloth as directed from bottle. Then if you choose to wax, go ahead and do so…the entire RV, decals included. The 303 protects the decals. Now please understand…everyone, this is how it was suggested to me from the 303 company when I called them. If you read the testimonials on their web, this is how it is described as well. You can use the 303 cleaner to wash your RV then the Protectant afterwards and it gives you a shine worthy of wax if not better. I have not tried it that way yet, but looking forward to it this Spring…I will post how it worked out. I know that this is to each his/her own….It is just merely another way to wash/wax.- gr8tadventure at


I have been using Protectall for going on 5 years now and the fiberglass and decals still look new. It’s easy on easy off and have had no issues with graphics fading or peeling or cracking; and it sits in the sun all day. – woodburner at


May I also suggest Poliglow? Developed for the marine industry, it is a two part system – actually three. First you wash your rig removing all bugs and black streaks. Then wet the fiberglass and mist on the PoliPrep and use the furnished scrubber pad. Scrubbing is not difficult – much easier than buffing or wiping wax. This step will remove all prior wax coatings. It does not damage your vinyl decals. After the fiberglass dries, apply the Poliglow with the furnished applicator in very thin coats. It is applied like a varnish, i.e., a light feathering in touch. – avan at Woodalls

Nu Finish

Just did the entire motorhome with Nu Finish. It is easy to apply and does a great job. No need to use a buffer it wipes off easily with a towel. I ended up using about 1 1/2 bottles. – bdpreece at iRV2

Turtle Wax ICE

I just tried a product from Turtle Wax called ‘ICE’. It’s a polymer finish that went on easily and I hand buffed it off. Left no white dust in cracks or on black gaskets. Shines like glass, beads water great and is smooth as silk. Don’t know how it will last though. I’ve used McGuires and that’s hard to beat! – mikenmo at iRV2

As you can see, lots of different responses! It seems many people have a preferred product for waxing the exterior of their RV. Do you have a particular type of wax that you use on your motorhome or camper?


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