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5 Simple Ways To Reuse A Wine Bottle In Your RV

Many food & drink containers can be upcycled, but wine bottles are one of our favorites to repurpose. They just need to be washed out, and you have a perfectly good bottle to use around your home and RV. The best part is that you get to drink a bottle or two of your favorite wines for the sake of these fun projects. Cheers!

1. After washing and removing the label, decorate your emptied bottles with chalkboard paint and fill with assorted candies/grains/rice/etc.

Photo via Death Rogue on Instructables

2. Similarly, you can decorate them with chalkboard paint and fill with olive oil, vinegar, or even dish soap.

Photo via Zest it Up on Hometalk
Photo via Zest it Up on Hometalk

Use Stainless Steel Bottle Pourers for the top. They fit snugly on the bottles and allow for easy pouring.

3. Using a piece of wood, saw, drill, and paint, you can turn an empty bottle into a DIY rack for drying your wine glasses.

Photo via Vatkin on Instructables

Check out the full directions from Vatkin on Instructables here.

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4. Don’t have a vase? An emptied wine bottle holds flowers just as well.

Photo via Great Bottles of Fire

Leave the label on for a rustic look, or peel it off and paint/decoupage the bottle for more decoration.

5. Turn them into indoor herb planters.

Photo by acoens on Instructables

Start by cutting the glass bottle in half and flipping the top back into the bottom of the glass. Next, cut pieces of moisture wicking fabric 12″ long and run them down through the neck of the bottle. Layer the top of the bottle with lava rock, small river rocks, and pot soil. Then plant whatever herbs or spices you want – like cilantro, basil, or parsley. Make sure to pour some water in the bottom glass, and regularly water the herbs from the top down.

Would you love to try any of these? What are some other creative ways to reuse a wine bottle in an RV?

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