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These 12-Volt Accessories Will Keep You Warm This Season

These 12-Volt Accessories Will Keep You Warm This Season

Your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet (also known as the cigarette lighter) can power a variety of accessories.  These items are especially useful during the fall and winter to keep you warm while driving and to heat your food and drinks.

Heated 12-volt blankets

Heated blankets will keep you warm even when they’re not plugged in.  These cozy 12-volt fleece blankets are big enough for two and can heat up within minutes.  They have a 30/45-minute automatic shut-off timer and automatic temperature control for extra safety.

12 volt

Trillium Worldwide 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket, about $38 on Amazon

12-volt heaters

If you have an older vehicle with a weak heater, you may want a secondary heating source.  The Back Seat Heat is made for RVs, vans, trucks, and cars, with a fan that circulates the air while heating it up 20-30 degrees F.

Instead of plugging them into your outlet, these 12-volt heaters directly wire to your vehicle’s battery.  They have an adjustable thermostat and can be mounted anywhere you need extra warmth.

Back Seat Heat Plus, about $100 on Amazon

Portable 12-volt stoves

These portable stoves from RoadPro can warm your food up to 300 degrees F.  They plug into most 12-volt outlets and work great for pre-cooked meals like beans, rice dishes, stews, and sandwiches.

12 volt

Smart Car Pots

You can make soup, noodles and more with these Smart Car Pots.  It takes about 10-20 minutes to boil water for instant meals and drinks like tea and hot chocolate. The slim pots are easy to store and have automatic shut-off once the pitcher has been emptied.

12 volt

Smart Car Pots by RoadPro, $30 on Amazon

Heated seat cushions

Some newer vehicles have built-in heated seats, but if yours doesn’t, you can easily add that comfort with these 12-volt heated seat cushions.  They have straps that hold the cushions in place and can be adjusted between Low Heat, High Heat, and Off.

12 volt

Zone Tech 2-Piece 12V Heated Seat Cover Cushions, about $30 on Amazon

Heated travel pad

In addition to their 12-volt blanket, Trillium Worldwide also makes a heated travel pad that your pets can lay on.  Alternatively, you can use the pad on your lap, for back pain, or as a seat cushion.

Trillium Heated Travel Pads, $25 on Amazon

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