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Working Fulltime RVers, Stand Up And Be Counted

Are you living the full-time RVing life and working on the road from your RV? Is your home wherever you park it? If so, stand up and be counted for the first census of its kind: the Xscapers Remote Work and RVing Survey.

This Friday June 17 is the deadline to take this short, easy questionnaire focused on the experience of working fulltime RVers who balance work and travel.

Xscapers Asks: “What are the Needs of Working Fulltime RVers?”

working fulltime RVers

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If you’ve attempted to work online or land seasonal work as you travel, you already know about the challenges involved in doing so. From Internet access difficulties to managing business needs on the road, working-age RVers encounter many more hurdles than retired full-time RVers.

More working-age RVers are hitting the road to live a life of adventure long before retirement age. The Xscapers group is focused on meeting the needs of these RVers. The group was formed in early 2015 by the Escapees RV Club to be the resource for full-time RVers who have different needs than those who are already retired.

From advocating for portable health care insurance to better Internet accessibility in RV parks, Xscapers is the largest entity that’s looking out for the needs of nomadic entrepreneurs, seasonal workers and remote employees. Whether you belong to the Xscapers club or not, they want to hear from you.

“Knowing more about the needs of working RVers will help us ensure we are being mindful of them in our advocacy efforts. We are working to create a better experience for ALL working RVers, regardless of their affiliation with Escapees,” says Georgianne Austin, Marketing Director for Escapees RV Club. Feedback will also shape club events hosted for this growing demographic, as well as knowledge and education resources designed specifically for them.

If you belong to this growing group of adventurous spirits, take the Xscapers Remote Work and RVing Survey no later than Friday June 17th.