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This Young Woman Found a Way to ‘Stick It to the Man’. Hear Pippi’s Reasons to Full-Time Today.

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Pippi Peterson loves living in her Bounder motorhome. And she loves to explain why she chose this lifestyle.

Pippi left her Southern California apartment to live a nomadic life on the road, and it was an easy decision for her to make.

She said that she spends less than $500 a month on electric, WiFi, sewage, water, and rent.

If you don’t think that’s possible, read this fantastic article by another full-timing couple.

I think you’ll find Pippi’s reasons are sound about why living in an RV will save you money and give you your freedom back. But she’s also careful to point out some specific things she doesn’t like about life in her motorhome.

You can subscribe to Pippi’s YouTube channel here.


It’s great hearing stories of young people who have successfully transitioned to a life of their choosing. Thanks Pippi for sharing your story with so many people.

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  1. I have a 26 foot Cherokee and I would like to turn the bed from the long way it sits now to side ways to give me more room. I know I would have to move the small closets that are on each side of my bed to do so. Any ideas, I am handy with tools so would like to tackle this myself.

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