The Ultimate DIY RV Project: Custom Fifth Wheel

This story of a family of 4 doing the unthinkable and incredible task of building their very own DIY RV 5th wheel travel trailer. We have all seen custom trailers and motorhomes but I haven’t seen one that looks like it just rolled out of a RV factory. The videos below are a must see if you haven’t seen them before. They completed this DIY RV project several years ago but its still quite amazing when you think about the time and effort that goes into sourcing the parts, fabricating the trailer, and putting together all the finishing touches. He completed this DI RV for under $10,000 in materials and untold millions in time using my public school math skills. When completed Chad and his family had a 31′ fifth wheel with slide out and 6 flat screen TVs.

DIY RV Custom Fifth Wheel

The Frame Up DIY RV Project by Chad Nicholls

I am humbled by this type of undertaking and the willpower it takes to do a DIY RV project of this scale with a young family! Had I walked into this DIY RV after it was completed with no knowledge of the origin of it, I would have been none the wiser to how it was built. This DIY RV project is proof of the amazing craftsmanship and skill present in the RV community. It always reminds me of the “there is always a bigger fish” wisdom. In this case there is always a more talented craftsman!

DIY RV Custom Fifth Wheel

Chad Nicholls who spearheaded this project had a website ( with DIY RV instructions, guides, schematics, and other helpful documents at one time but that website is no longer working unfortunately. I am going to try to contact him via his profile on YouTube to see if I can get the information to share it with our readers. I will keep you updated on the status of that.

Update 11/14/2013: After a great find by one of our readers named Steve. We were able to grab some additional information from a service called the Wayback Machine. Unfortunately nearly all of the photos are unavailable. For fear that the iformation may not be available there forever, we have made PDF’s of the content on the site and you can click the links below to see the additional information on this Custom Fifth Wheel.

Time Lapse of the Build Out

Homemade Fifth Wheel RV Camper


Interview with the Minds Behind the Custom Fifth Wheel

Our Homemade Fifth Wheel Camper Interview with Chad Nicholls RV Builder

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  1. Chad NIcholls says

    This is my RV, built in 2006 and still in use today @ Jellystone Park in Freemont, Indiana.

    Thanks for the positive article, my site was hacked several years ago and I never was able to recover it. To be honest, it was very hard to keep up with the emails I would get on a daily basis about the RV or people wanting input on problems they were having. I am much better at building and dreaming up projects than I am typing behind my keyboard.

    If you want any more information please contact me.

    • says

      Hi Chad,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your site, but at least your vision lives on. Let us know if you would like anything added to the article.

      All the best, Eric

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