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Do It Yourself RV is a premier resource for those passionate about customizing their RVs and embracing the RV lifestyle. We offer practical, expert advice on a wide spectrum of DIY projects, from simple repairs and detailed upgrades to enhancing your RV living experience and planning your next adventure. Our aim is to assist RVers of all skill levels in realizing their visions, providing them with accessible, reliable, easy-to-understand information that spans the technical to the experiential.

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Reaching millions of RV enthusiasts yearly with a monthly readership surpassing hundreds of thousands, Do It Yourself RV is at the forefront of empowering RV owners. Our diverse range of articles not only instructs but also motivates, broadening the scope of what’s possible in the realm of RV customization and lifestyle for an audience eager to learn and apply new skills to their motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, campervans, or skoolies.

Building on that momentum, we actively encourage our community’s participation. Whether it’s through subscribing to our newsletter for bi-weekly updates, sharing your DIY success stories, or engaging with our vibrant community on social media, your contributions amplify the collective wisdom and spirit of the RV lifestyle.

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The backbone of Do It Yourself RV is our team—a dynamic group of RV enthusiasts and industry experts committed to sharing their knowledge and experience. Together, we’ve covered hundreds of thousands of miles in our various journeys, bringing a wealth of real-world insights that ensure our content is both reliable and relevant. Our extensive road-tested expertise is what drives the quality and authenticity of our advice.

Natalie Henley

Natalie Henley

Site Editor

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Eileen Hubbard


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Levi Henley

Content Management and Media Specialist

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Patrick Buchanan

Industry Liaison

A Part of Something Bigger

As a key member of RV LIFE since 2016, Do It Yourself RV taps into a vibrant collective of travel enthusiasts. Our connection to this broad network enhances our ability to deliver a rich mix of insights, tips, and updates that are essential for any RVer. Whether you’re looking to buy your first RV or find the next great camping spot, our community-driven sites and forums are here to guide you through every step of the RV lifestyle.


While we don’t run a membership service or sell products, our support comes from advertising and affiliate partnerships. This backing enables us to fund our writers and manage the nuts and bolts of our operation, from hosting to software development and beyond. It’s how we keep delivering the quality content you love, all about the RV lifestyle.

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This disclosure document states how we monetize Do It Yourself RV to allow us to keep bringing you the best in RV camping information and entertainment – for free.

We don’t have a membership site, and we don’t sell our own products. Instead, we rely on advertising revenue and affiliate programs to compensate our writers and pay for regular expenses like hosting, software development costs, editing, and other normal expenses associated with operating a high-quality digital publishing operation.


We are not lawyers or accountants. Any legal or financial advice we give is our opinion based on our experiences. Always seek the advice of a professional before acting on something that we might say.


You should assume that we are benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on our website or in emails. Any revenue generated through affiliate programs does not increase the overall cost of the product or service to you. Rather the referral fee is paid from the revenue of the end seller, for instance, Amazon. We try our best to present factual information and link to reputable websites and sources. We don’t take liability for the content on sites that we link to.

You should assume that we have motivation for linking to everything on this page and will benefit from it somehow though. You should assume we are no better than you are and your opinion has just as much weight as ours. You should question everything we say and come up with your own thoughts and opinions and not blindly trust some blog or news organization.


While we try to remain neutral in our opinions, we may be influenced by relationships with certain companies.


At RV LIFE, we strive to embrace innovation and technology that affects RVers and RV travel. Recently, huge leaps have been made in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) that will impact the way information is created. How that will ultimately affect the RVing community remains to be seen, but in the meantime, RV LIFE is proceeding into this new arena with caution.

First off, we want to assure our readers that all of our content is and always has been written by RVers for RVers, and every article is monitored for accuracy by other RVers.

Because we value transparency, we want to be proactive and upfront about how we are currently utilizing AI in our content creation process for RV LIFE. Our team of RVers is experimenting with AI and using it judiciously to enhance some of our content in the following ways:

  • Identifying topics that are popular and providing ideas on what to write about.
  • Creating article outlines that function as a starting point for our writers.
  • Assisting in ideation for content, which is manually reviewed and edited.

At RV LIFE, we are committed to providing the highest quality content possible to our readers. As AI technology continues to evolve, we will update our policy and transparency accordingly so that you can be sure our technology decisions are always made with our readers in mind. 

Regardless of technological advancements in the future, we will always strive to keep our policies transparent and our content relevant and accurate.