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Do It Yourself RV aims to offer DIY projects, mods, and improvements for beginners and experienced RVers. We pride ourselves as a resource for well-researched content written by real RVers and RV industry experts.


Do It Yourself RV was started in 2013 by a group of RV enthusiasts. Their goal was to share the best the internet offered about ideas, products, and guides on making the most of your RV, Camper, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, and Motorhome. The site’s original about page stated, “We have contributors from all walks of life…We all have one thing in common…a passion for RVing.” 

After years of RVers relying on the site to get their latest DIY RV info, the site was sold in 2016. Today, under the banner of the RV LIFE network, Do It Yourself RV continues to “offer ideas that a beginner can tackle while still offering something that the most technical of RVers can implement.”

As our reader base has grown to seek a wider array of subjects, we have included other topics related to RVing, and today publish articles in many different categories, such as: 


Do It Yourself RV is proud to be one of the 30 RV, van, and travel trailer communities within the Social Knowledge network of sites. Social Knowledge has provided sites and forums that cover all aspects of RV life by helping guide consumers to find their first RVs, sharing the latest RV news, giving tips on how to maintain RVs, and even guiding RVers to finding the perfect camping destination.



We don’t have a membership site, and we don’t sell our own products. Instead, we rely on advertising revenue and affiliate programs to compensate our writers and pay for regular expenses like hosting, software development costs, editing, and other normal expenses associated with operating a high-quality digital publishing operation.

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AI Disclosure

At RV LIFE, we strive to embrace innovation and technology that affects RVers and RV travel. Recently, huge leaps have been made in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) that will impact the way information is created. How that will ultimately affect the RVing community remains to be seen, but in the meantime, RV LIFE is proceeding into this new arena with caution.

First off, we want to assure our readers that all of our content is and always has been written by RVers for RVers, and every article is monitored for accuracy by other RVers.

Because we value transparency, we want to be proactive and upfront about how we are currently utilizing AI in our content creation process for RV LIFE. Our team of RVers is experimenting with AI and using it judiciously to enhance some of our content in the following ways:

  • Identifying topics that are popular and providing ideas on what to write about.
  • Creating article outlines that function as a starting point for our writers.
  • Assisting in ideation for content, which is manually reviewed and edited.

At RV LIFE, we are committed to providing the highest quality content possible to our readers. As AI technology continues to evolve, we will update our policy and transparency accordingly so that you can be sure our technology decisions are always made with our readers in mind. 

Regardless of technological advancements in the future, we will always strive to keep our policies transparent and our content relevant and accurate.

We appreciate your trust in RV LIFE as your go-to source for RV-related content, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with valuable information and insights.


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