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2 Simple But Useful Space Saving Ideas For Storing Meat And Laundry Detergent

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YouTube user Wander Dano made a video sharing some advice on how he stores meat and detergent in his Class B motorhome. He made sure to let everyone know that these tips were “nothing Earth breaking” but he received a lot of thank you’s from his viewers.



Those monstrous bulk laundry detergent bottles are designed to last a long time. If you only plan to use your RV for weeks or a couple of months, you could save a lot of space (and weight) by taking only what you’ll use.

One of Dano’s viewers had another related tip for minimizing the mess when cooking hamburger meat,

If I plan on making anything other than Burgers with my ground beef I cook it, drain it and rinse the extra grease with hot water through a strainer. Let it cool down and drain the moisture for a few minutes then put it in a quart freezer bag, make sure you squeeze the excess air and seal and freeze. It thaws very easily and makes great chili, etc very quickly with much less mess. Yes I know you loose a bit of flavor from rinsing the fat off, but it also makes it healthier.

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