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Would You Camp Out In This Doughnut?

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You can find some epic inventions out there, and they all originate from a single idea. I stumbled upon this fascinating design and was really impressed with its quirky blueprint. It’s virtually effortless, versatile, and helps minimize hassle from setting up when you’re out camping, which can be so frustrating when you first arrive at your site and have difficulties pitching your tent.

Sungha Lim

Yong In University students, Sungha Lim, Hyunmook Lim, and Han Kim designed this collapsible, tubular concept for an international contest. It can be rearranged to accommodate your particular needs, as there are a variety of different shapes that you can set it up in.

Sungha Lim

The I-Shape Type is like one long hallway, while the curved C-Shape blocks wind from three different directions. If you use two tents, you’ll have even more ways to arrange it. By putting two together, you can build the S-Shape that will create two new, separate spaces.

The O-Shape combines two tents on both ends to form a full doughnut with a new space in the middle. This divides the inner from the outer space and will help block out the wind!

Sungha Lim

To transport it, you can easily put it in a case and fix it to the top of your car and you’ll be good to go. Every Camping Doughnut has two cozy rooms and a living/recreational space, along with window flaps and can fit a group of about 2-4 people comfortably!

Sungha Lim

No matter what way you set it up, the space usage is extremely efficient. Not to mention its user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to set up! While this is just a concept design for now and isn’t available for purchase yet, its innovative features certainly make you wonder what it would be like to camp out in.

If it were available to buy, would you try it out??

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