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Camping With Anxious Pets Is Easier With This Scientifically Proven Device

Camping with anxious pets is no fun. If your pooch or kitty doesn’t enjoy the sensation of being in motion or hanging his head out the window on a country road, a nervous animal can put you through road trip hell. But before you book a boarding kennel for the fur kids, try this one quick tip for camping with anxious pets.

Don’t leave home without one:

camping with anxious pets

Camping with Anxious Pets is Easier with a Thundershirt

The Thundershirt is a positive-reinforcement tool that’s designed as a dog and cat anxiety vest made specifically to help anxious and nervous pets relax. How can one garment keep your pet calm? Easy: Thundershirt applies a gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s or cat’s torso.

This wrap doesn’t hurt or cause chafing, just a slow, gentle “hugging” sensation. Veterinary behaviorists believe that this type of pressure works in a similar manner to swaddling an infant or people with autism: by wrapping your arms around an anxious individual, you can help reduce persistent anxiety.

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camping with anxious pets

A recent study led by renowned animal behaviorist Temple Grandin showed that:

…dogs who wore the ThunderShirt® to manufacturer’s specifications had lowered heart rate, decreased visual orientation towards the door (looking for their owners as well as trending toward reduced yawning and tongue-flicking stress behaviors)

The Thundershirt company is confident that the majority of dogs and cats who wear this anxiety jacket will find relief from phobias and fears like RV travel. There’s no training needed: after putting a Thundershirt onto your dog or cat, most people see results the very first time its worn. However, for a few people out there it may take two to three usages to see maximum results and for some pets additional therapy and possibly medication may be necessary. Consult a board-certified veterinary behaviorist for help.

Now your nervous pets can relax on the road.

camping with anxious pets

It’s easy to take a Thundershirt along when you go camping with an anxious pet. Because it’s made of a lightweight, breathable and washable fabric there’s no reason why your animal can’t wear it in the heat of summer or during cold winter nights wherever you travel.

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