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DISH For My RV: Is It Worth It?

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Satellite dish

DISH For My RV: Is It Worth It?

Whether you like to keep up with the news, watch some sports, or enjoy a family movie night here and there, having access to television entertainment in your RV can be nice. That said, depending on where you like to travel and what you like to watch, it can also be a bit challenging. This is where DISH For My RV can come into play. 

DISH For My RV is an awesome service that provides satellite TV to your RV in a way that makes perfect sense. That said, this service isn’t for everyone. 

Read on to learn more about DISH For My RV so you can decide if it’s the best choice for you. 

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Benefits of DISH For My RV

Let’s start by discussing the benefits of this service. There are a lot of benefits, and many people will definitely enjoy these pros to DISH For My RV. 

Very portable

For starters, the device options that are offered for those looking to use the DISH For My RV service are easily portable. You have the option of a mounted device or one that can be moved around the campsite in order to find the best signal. Each of these has pros and cons, but we prefer the portable option as it tends to give the best service. 

Pay-as-you-go service

With DISH For My RV, there are no contracts. Instead, this is a pay-as-you-go service, meaning you can stop paying whenever you feel you’re no longer getting anything out of the service. That said, many people choose to continue to pay for the service even when their camping slows down in the cold season. That ought to tell you how much people enjoy using it.

Inexpensive add-on RV plans

If you already have DISH service at home, you’ll find that DISH For My RV is an incredibly inexpensive option. RV add-on plans start at under $10 a month, making this a very affordable way to ensure you have TV entertainment wherever you roam. 

Plenty of content

DISH For My RV offers an enormous number of channels. This means you will always have something to watch, no matter your tastes. 

Questions to ask yourself before buying DISH For My RV

This all sounds awesome, right? But for some, there are reasons to skip this service. Before making the jump, ask yourself the questions below. The answers to them should help you determine whether DISH For My RV is the best option for your RV. 

Do I have DISH at home?

As mentioned above, those who already pay for DISH at home will receive RV service at a very low added cost. In this case, it is hard to find a reason not to go ahead and pay for the service, even if you only use it a couple of times a month. 

How often do I camp?

If you camp every weekend, go on monthly week-long trips, or are full-time, it’s much easier to justify the cost of an additional TV service just for your RV. Those who only camp one weekend a month may not find much value in such a service.

What are my preferred camping activities?

What do you do while camping? If you find yourself spending most of your time away from the camper—whether it’s sightseeing or spending time outside hiking, stargazing, and sitting around the fire—you may not actually get much use out of a TV service. In these cases, movies that you keep in the RV for rainy days might be a better option.

Where do I like to camp?

Where you camp can also help you make the best decision for you. Do you camp in RV parks that offer cable access at every site? If so, satellite service is overkill. Do you park in heavily wooded areas where a satellite won’t work? If so, the service would be a waste of money. Meanwhile, those who camp in open areas without cable access might get a lot of use out of DISH For My RV. 

Do I have access to the internet while camping?

The final question to ask yourself is whether you have access to a decent internet connection while camping. If you already pay for an unlimited data cellular hotspot, you can use that to stream entertainment. Meanwhile, those who stay in RV parks that offer free Wi-Fi can likely use that connection for streaming. In both instances, satellite TV could be rendered unnecessary.

TV remote

Other RV TV Options

If you decide that DISH For My RV isn’t for you, you may be wondering what other TV entertainment options you have. Fortunately, there are other options. 


DIRECTV is another RV satellite TV option. This service is more expensive that DISH, but does offer some programming that DISH doesn’t. 

Streaming via the Internet

The more popular non-satellite TV option is to use the internet to stream programming. For this, RVers might use streaming services such as:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Disney+
  • Apple TV+
  • …etc.

They might connect to the internet via:

  • Mobile hotspot
  • Starlink satellite internet
  • Other forms of satellite internet
  • Campground or public Wi-Fi

This option is fantastic because many people need to have access to the internet anyway, and using that to access TV programming kills two birds with one stone. We also really like that streaming services allow you to pick and choose which shows and movies you pay for, allowing you to adjust your TV bill to fit your budget. 

As you can see, DISH For My RV is an excellent option for many RVers, but is far from the only TV entertainment option. Consider your options, choose what works for you now, and don’t be afraid to reevaluate in the future should your preferences or camping style change. Happy camping!

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