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6 DIY Kids Craft Projects For The Outdoors

craft projects
Leppicu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

6 DIY Kids Craft Projects For The Outdoors

RV living and traveling is the perfect way for the entire family to see the great outdoors. But sometimes just seeing the outdoors isn’t enough entertainment for the little one.

That’s why going out and using material found in nature like pine cones, rocks, and sticks to make craft projects can be fun, educational, and teach your child to appreciate the outdoors. Here are 6, easy-to-make, do-it-yourself craft projects using natural elements that are sure to entertain your child.

1. Painted rocks

There are tons of options for painting rocks and uses for them afterward. Simply painting faces or patterns is a good way to pass the time. Rocks can be painted in two different colors to create a set of “rock dominoes” and kept as a set for future use.

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Rocks could also be painted for tic-tac-toe using any pattern for half the rocks and a different pattern for the other half. This website has tons of ideas for different ways to paint rocks and different uses.

2. Pine cone bird feeder

This project can be made in the RV, or the pine cones can be brought back home from the trip to make at home and to hang outside for the birds.

craft projects
Photo by mamarati, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

These instructions are easy to follow and only require winter bird mix (a mix of peanut butter, lard, birdseed, and cornmeal), sunflower seeds, dried fruit, and wire or string.

3. Nature bracelet

A nature bracelet is a fun souvenir for your child to remember a campsite, a hike, or a special natural place. This is an easy craft to repeat over and over, just keep a roll of duct or masking tape around!

Virginia State Parks, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Simply wrap a piece of tape around your child’s wrist like a bracelet, sticky side out, and let them stick whatever interests them to the bracelet. Each one is unique and will keep your child on the lookout for new, interesting elements outside!

4. Leaf impressions

Leaf impressions are a fun craft that can make a great gift for family. Bring some light-sensitive paper (available at craft stores or online) and use the power of the sun to make leaf impressions!

Photo by Whit Andrews, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Simply lay objects like leaves or flowers on top of the paper and after 2-5 minutes in the sun, rinse the paper in cool water and hang to dry.

5. Beaded sticks/Wands

Let your child channel his or her inner Harry Potter or Hermione Granger and create fun, beaded sticks/wands! You’ll just need some pony beads, glue, and some sticks.

Photo by Lisa Sorenson

Gather up some fun, wand-sized sticks and coat in glue. Then slide beads on branches or use small feathers or rocks to add a little flare.

6. Stick wind chimes

This fun craft can make a lovely addition to your RV or home. You’ll need sticks, sanding paper, acrylic craft paint, screw eyes, and yarn (or something else to hang with) for this easy project.

Have your child select a handful of sticks of roughly the same length (or help them snap them to the same length) and begin to peel the bark off the sticks.

Courtesy of Mike P Miller, Flickr Creative Commons

Have everyone sand his or her sticks a bit with the sanding paper then get ready to paint! Sticks can be painted in solid colors, patterns, or anything imaginable! Some craft varnish is a good idea for a final coat if your wind chime will be in direct sun to preserve the paint.

Twist the screw eyes into the end of each stick and hang them from a tree branch in the yard at home, a different branch that can be hung outside the RV, or any other spots where it will get some wind.

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