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DIY Rooftop Camper Made From The Simplest Of Materials

The strut bars came from another company, but they painted them black to match the clamps.

Homemade roof rack

Testing out the placement of the ladder.

RTT ladder

Tepui Tent sells the slide ladder for 80$ but i picked up this werner attic ladder for around the same price. Originally came with 3 sliding sections to make a really tall ladder but i only needed the 2 sections which, when closed, it ends up being just under 4 feet which is the size of my RTT when closed.

Here it is attached to the roof top tent’s frame.

Ladder assembly

Can’t sleep on just plywood, right? This is a Tepui Tents mattress cover with 3 inches of foam. One luxury car camper coming right up.

Foam padding

Bought Tepui Tents mattress cover and 3 inch foam padding from joann’s to make a really comfortable mattress. The mattress has turned this project into a luxury car camper! The cover also has the loop side of velcro sewn in so i was able to stick the hook side on the wood base so the mattress stays in place when opening and closing the tent.

More speciality parts purchased from Tepui Tents.

More Tepui Tent parts

Mounting tracks, bracket set, and ladder brackets. 100$ purchase but essential.

The first dry run.

Adding tent to SUV

Aligning everything just so – looking good!

Tent set up on car

Testing the ladder

Ready for the first camping trip.

Leaving on a trip

Doesn’t get more beautiful than this!

Homemade rooftop camper

For more DIY tent camper goodness, check out this super-detailed walkthrough that served as the inspiration for the couple’s build.

Photos via breedrian
H/T: ViralNova

Some United States suppliers of roof top tent campers:

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