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The Driver Of This Motorhome Dragged His Pickup Truck 6 Miles

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Sometimes you just have an off day.

The driver of this motorhome must have forgotten to have his morning coffee, because he surely wasn’t thinking clearly.

Before setting off on his journey, he forgot to place the transmission of the towed pickup truck into neutral!

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With the rear drive wheels locked up, there wasn’t much anyone could do.

Finally, a man in another vehicle spotted (and heard!) the poor truck as the motorhome yanked it through an intersection.

The man in the other vehicle followed skid marks that stretched for miles, finally catching up to the motorhome owner.

You won’t believe what the owner of the motorhome said after he learned about his mistake.


All that burning rubber must have smelled awful. It’s truly stunning that the driver of the motorhome never took the truck out of park – even after being told what was wrong!

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