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5 Haunted Campgrounds For Spooky Halloween Camping Fun

It’s October and that means spooky campfire tales and trips to areas we wouldn’t normally venture to in search of a good scare. With Halloween falling on a weekend, many families will be hitting the road for some spooky fun. From haunted ghost towns to man made haunted house attractions, here are five of America’s best haunted locations for RV campers to visit this Halloween.

1. Campground Nightmare, Fort Mill, SC

When visitors asked this campground owner to set up a small scale haunt for their kids, who could have guessed that it would have grown into an attraction known nationwide? Recently under new management, Campground Nightmare (formerly known as Campground Massacre) features a haunted mansions, woods and more.

An actor in the woods waiting for victims…

woods at night campground nightmare
Campground Nightmare Facebook

…plus a lifelike zombie gravedigger at Campground Nightmare!

zombie prop in the woods
Campground Nightmare Facebook

Since the 1990s this attraction has been growing and improving every year and has a stellar reputation for being one of the scariest. If the warnings on their website are any indication, leave the young kids at home and get a checkup from your cardiologist before making the trek to this haunted campground.

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2. Camp Roger at Rockford, Michigan

Pickerel Lake, Michigan is home to Camp Roger, a Christian youth and family camp with serene wooded surroundings and lots of fun activities, not at all the sort of place you’d expect to meet up with a spooky haunt, but tragedy strikes in the oddest of places and this one is no exception.

You would never guess that idyllic Camp Roger is home to a ghost!

sunlight through the trees
Camp Roger
lake bostwick
Camp Roger

An over exuberant young camper, so the story goes, met his demise in the camp’s lake while swimming one summer’s day years ago. Now, campers report seeing a ghostly youth running playfully down the hill to the lake’s placid waters, laughingly yelling, “I’m going to push you in the lake” before mysteriously disappearing into thin air!

3. Lake Morena Campground in the Laguna Mountains, CA

Our next haunt, Lake Morena campground, is found in beautiful southern California, in the wooden Laguna Mountains outside San Diego. This gorgeous park is home to several campgrounds, at least one of which is reportedly haunted. From “Blair Witch” style heavy footsteps outside of tents to full blown apparitions, campers claim to have experienced ghostly happenings.

The hauntingly beautiful Lake Morena and its reportedly ghostly campground.

Lake Morena Laguna Mountains
Lake Morena campground

A young woman in a long, white, flowing dress has been seen among the trees and campers often say they can see her in the distance, or hear her voice laughing and singing, but no one is there! Add this one to a long list of classic, “Woman in White” hauntings across America and around the world!

4. Fernwood Campground at Big Sur

Big Sur California is known for its natural beauty and giant surfable waves draw crowds from around the world. At the Fernwood campground, however, an attraction of another sort draws thrill seekers hoping to experience an ancient Indian spirit that supposedly haunts this campground, perched on once-sacred Esalen Indian Ground.

The haunted campground at Fernwood, Big Sur California.

cabin at fernwood
peaceful haunted campground

Well past midnight, this haunt has been seen between the hours of 2 and 3 am. Visitors and employees alike report a ghostly native man, wearing a traditional corn mask, worn by the Esalen, as he roams the area around the campgrounds cabins.

5. Calico Ghost Town

It seems sunny California is home to a lot of supernaturally charged campgrounds and we are adding one more to our list with Calico Ghost Town, in Yermo. Calico is an old west mining town turned tourist attraction. For your haunting pleasure, they have positioned their campground near the town’s graveyard.

A beautiful, but spooky setting for this fun old west mining town.

the beautiful mountain setting
ghost town entrance

Visitors have reported multiple types of hauntings in this grand daddy of haunted campgrounds, from shadow people, to floating orbs, to ghost lights, to full body apparitions, this one has enough spooky action to keep any avid ghost hunter busy.

Happy Halloween, and if you happen to see a ghost, send us a picture!

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