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This Incinolet Electric Incinerating Toilet Literally Lights Your Poop On Fire

When you think of an eco-friendly alternative RV toilet you probably think of a composting toilet. Many RVers are installing composting toilets in RVs and who can blame them? These marvels of mulch are relatively odor-free and use minimal water and blank tank storage. The only problem? The ick factor.

Can you handle composting toilet solids?

alternative RV toilet

Thankfully there’s a better eco-friendly alternative RV toilet – the Incinolet Electric Incinerating Toilet.

The No-Ick Alternative RV Toilet

alternative RV toilet

Say goodbye to dump station disasters. The Incinolet electric incinerating toilet literally lights bodily waste on fire, quickly and safely with just the push of a button. The result is less than one tablespoon of clean, germ-free ash.

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Poo Goes “Poof!” on the Hot Seat

Save your on-board RV fresh water supply for better things. The Incinolet never needs draining or dumping and it’s completely safe for RVs. Made of stainless steel and usable in any climate, the Incinolet is a Canadian-invented wonder of modern science. The company has U.S. headquarters in Dallas, Texas and has been quietly making this alternative RV toilet for over 40 years.

This incinerating RV toilet doesn’t use water.

alternative RV toilet

When it’s time to do your business, just place a special coated toilet liner into the bowl of the stainless steel throne. The liners are available through the company and highly recommended since they’ll keep the shiny bowl spotless and maintenance-free.

After making about three or four deposits, just press the foot pedal and woosh! A blower and heater kicks in and the waste drops right into a flaming chamber that incinerates it at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. The smoke gets sent through an odor control catalyst similar to those found in automobiles, then it goes out a 4” rooftop exhaust vent. The heater and blower will cycle until the unit has cooled. Even when your poop is on fire, other people can drop their own payloads.

How this Incinerating RV Toilet Works

alternative RV toilet

If you’re an avid boondocker and wondering how much electricity this alternative RV toilet uses, here’s the scoop: plug it into a 15 amp/120 volt plug and it only consumes one kilowatt hour per cycle. According to Incinolet, “a complete cycle lasts from 1-1/2 hours to 1-3/4 hours. The heater cycles on and off for 60 minutes to provide optimum combustion and the blower continues to run for about 30 minutes to cool the incineration chamber.” That’s not a lot of electricity to use up when you consider the benefits of an incinerating toilet versus a composting toilet in your RV.

Incinerating versus Composting RV Toilet breakdown.

alternative RV toilet

Incinerating toilets take up very little space too. This toilet you see below was installed in the uber-high tech KiraVan. It rolls out when you need to use it and stows away when you don’t.

Incinerating RV toilets are compact, like this one in the KiraVan.

alternative RV toilet

Incinolet users love this device, but the price is what might keep most RVers from taking a leap to this eco-friendly RV toilet: about $2,000 depending on how many people will be using it and where (different models are available for RV, marine, cabin and other types of installations). Still, if you’re a hard-core off-grid RVer, it could be worth the investment to save water and time at the dump station.

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