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14 Budget-Friendly Ways To Keep Your Kids From Boredom On Your Next Camping Trip

6.  Plan a scavenger hunt.

My Unwritten Life

Games on your iPad may keep them entertained for a little while, but they’ll never forget going on a scavenger hunt with you and/or their siblings.  Here’s a great list you can print out and give them for around the campsite. They’ll be thrilled to check as many off as possible.

7. Make shadow puppets.

Old Book Illustrations

This classic hand and flashlight combo has kept young and old campers entertained for years. Check out these hand positions to create the wildlife shadows.

8. Play a card game.

Camp Mosh

Kids are always up for a game, and all you need to play one is a deck of good old-fashioned playing cards. Teach them Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Rummy, or Old Maid. It’s OK if you don’t know how to play a game either, learn together with these directions.

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9. Teach them how to pitch a tent.

Money Crashers

Not only is learning how to pitch a tent a valuable life lesson, but you’ll enjoy the experience of setting up the campsite together.

10. Create beautiful leaf artwork.

The Imagination Tree

Find a variety of colored leaves around your site, and use them to create magnificent works of art. You can arrange them and glue them to create a collage, trace around them, or even break a leaf in half and have them mirror it in on the other side. Let their creativity and imagination run wild.