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How Kevin Made This in Two Weeks I’ll Never Know, But Wow I Learned a Lot

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We’ve featured several awesome DIY tear drop camper builds recently.

But today on YouTube I found a video about one man’s design that really blew me away.

kevin town DIY camper
Kevin’s DIY tear drop camper he made in just two weeks.

Kevin built his camper on top of a standard 4,000 pound capacity cargo trailer. But what’s really fascinating is how he so methodically recounts each step in the construction process, making note of key points along the way.

He had no plans, and used only his mind’s eye to visualize the end product.

It took him only two weeks to build this camper!

On a sad note, Kevin had to sell his trailer that he had worked so hard to make.

After camping in his trailer for two years, he totaled his truck in an accident and had to sell the trailer as a result.

Note: Kevin is currently working on another tear drop camper build! You can follow him along on his journey by subscribing to his YouTube channel here. Watch him make another tear drop camper on top of a second-hand trailer that cost him only $100!

What did you think of Kevin’s trailer? Be sure to share this video with others if you liked his work.

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