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How To Make DIY Awning Protectors For Your RV

To protect the awning on your RV while it’s in storage, you can make a simple cover out of a two liter soda bottle. The plastic won’t degrade, and will prevent bugs, dirt, or debris from finding their way into the edges of your rolled up awning.

Start with a simple two-liter soda bottle.

Making homemade RV awning cover

Cut the top off the bottle with a sharp utility knife.

Cut the top off the two liter bottle

And drill a hole through the bottom large enough to fit the shaft of the awning.

Drill a hole in the bottom to fit the shaft

Using a utility knife again, slice the bottle from the top all the way down to the hole.

Slice the bottle

Slide a cover over each end of your RV’s awning. Now you’ve got your own fool-proof awning saver!

DIY RV awning protector


You could even leave the covers on while you’re tooling down the highway. Maybe with some Velcro or tight bungee cords?

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RVs live their lives outdoors. And subject to all the elements of Mother Nature. And awnings, can really take a beating.

But we’ve got a simple solution here, to help protect the awning and keep moisture and debris from getting up inside of it during the off-season.

We’re going to use this two liter bottle and modify it to slide up on here and protect this end and prevent damage.

What we’re going to do, I’ve already measured that I’m going to want this finished product to be eight inches long when it’s all done. So what I’m going to do, is cut the end of it off, drill a hole in the end of it here, so that it will fit over the end of the shaft that sticks into the support, and then we’ll need to cut a slit in it so it can slide over the awning material.

So I’ll measure with the tape measure, and up here eight inches, comes up to be right about at the top of the X. And what I’ll do is I’ll cut that out with a really sharp utility knife. Don’t use a dull one because a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one.

So we’re just going to roughly cut along here like this, keep on cutting until I get all the way around, try to keep it straight. And that’s cut off.

Our next step will be to drill a hole in the bottom of it, so that it can fit over the shaft that feeds into the support.

I’ve already sized it up earlier, and I’m going to use this sized hole saw here, and to get started poke in right on the center of the bottle here. Drill that through.

And now we’ve got that drilled through, so now we’re going to let the teeth drill in here, and get the hole cut in there. So now we’ve that done, and drilled out, and we’ve got our hole in the bottle, that’s where the shaft will go through the bottle to hook into the support.

Now our next step is to take a razor blade again and cut a slit from the top all the way to the hole.

Just going to slice along here like this. Again, use a sharp blade and carefully. Sliding that along. And then we get down to the base and it’s gets a little more difficult, but we’ll keep pushing through it here. And cut it, and again be careful.

OK we’re all done here and now we’ll go up the ladder and put it on.

[Fitting on the two liter bottle to the RV’s awning]

OK we’re all set this one’s done and on, and ready to go. All we need to do is make one for the other side, and we’ll be ready for storage.

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