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This Money Making 1969 Airstream Trailer Could Be Your Blueprint For A Business

Demand for new Airstream trailers continues to rise each year, and the same could be said for vintage models as well. With no Kelley Blue Book to use as a reference, prices for vintage Airstreams can reach nosebleed levels at auction.

Before you decide to purchase your own antique Airstream, it might be a good idea to understand the differences between vintage Airstream models and also how to tell what condition an Airstream is in.

Rent Your Vintage Airstream For Cash

A man bought this vintage 1969 Airstream and upgraded it so he could rent it out on Airbnb. While he made over $25,000 in rental fees last year, the City of Austin recently told him that he couldn’t rent out the trailer any longer. 🙁 So he’s decided to sell it.

It seems too bad the city took steps to shut his profitable rental business down. Maybe it was an irritated (or jealous?) neighbor who called in to complain? At any rate, here are some pictures of this gorgeous vintage trailer.

There’s no stopping you (unless it’s your local zoning board) from doing something similar with your own retro trailer. The Australians are in on it too!

1969 Airstream rental

Light-colored walls and dark wood trim breathe life into the cozy space.

Vintage Airstream makeover

Both the plumbing and electrical systems have gotten makeovers as well.

Toward the front of vintage Airstream

The bed is custom made and comes with tailored sheets that fit precisely over the curved corners. He said it’s slightly narrower than a traditional Queen bed.

Airstream lounge

Finally someone saw the light and installed a full size toilet in one of these vintage Airstreams. This model from Thetford could be a lifesaver.

Bathroom in Airstream from 1969

You won’t have to worry about leaky windows either, they’ve all been resealed. Everything you see comes with the trailer too. Right down to the plates and cups!

Eating area

You can view the original craigslist ad here. If that link doesn’t work, try this archived copy.

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