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Motorcoach Resorts: Luxury Destinations For Affluent Campers

For a lot of RV owners, there’s nothing better than enjoying “the simple life” at a remote campground or rolling across the open road for days on end. While it seems that the RV lifestyle has gone hand-in-hand with traditional camping for decades, in recent years a new trend has emerged – and this trend goes way beyond the “glamping” option that’s become so popular.

Some RV owners are looking for the biggest, flashiest, all-amenities-included, “if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it” ride that’s nothing short of a mobile mansion. With these RVs, bigger is definitely better.

The price tags on these beauties approach or even surpass $1 million – they definitely aren’t the RVs of yesteryear. If you’re not a fan of the glamping trend, you should probably go ahead and look away, as the luxury knows no end here.

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Big Rigs, Big Headaches

There’s just one problem though. Aside from simply being much more difficult to navigate than most RVs, these behemoths are so large they actually brush up against some local laws. Several states require a commercial drivers license for vehicles over a certain length or weight (usually 45 feet and 26,000 pounds respectively) and even more have limits on what roads you can take a vehicle that large on.

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For those states, you’ll need an oversized load permit for interstate travel. That’s a lot of work, so it’s clear that these RV owners aren’t your average road-trippers. But if owners are investing all this money in their vehicles, just where are they going then?

Unprecedented Luxury on the Road

Enter the “motorcoach resort.” What is a motorcoach resort? These luxury RV resorts dot the nation, ranging from beachfront relaxation in Florida to beautiful lakes and mountains in Montana to the sprawling desert in Nevada (here’s a look at some of the best in the country).

In fact, you’ll find them in just about every state. What separates a motorcoach resort from a traditional RV campground? These resorts have luxury amenities you won’t find anywhere else, like golf courses, marinas, private hot tubs, movie theaters, spas, wineries, and even concierge service.

In short, they’re much more than just a parking space. The majority of them have clubhouses that rival what you’d find at the top country clubs, along with enclosed kitchen and dining spaces at each spot. In short, each RV has its own little condo.

Villas at Desert Shores
Villas at Desert Shores

All This Luxury Comes With a (Hefty) Price

Of course, the old rule of “you get what you pay for” certainly applies here. All of this luxury has a price tag attached. Ownership of a spot at one of these resorts will cost about the same as a small home for most people, with prices starting in the low six figures.

The exclusive nature of these locations is a big selling point, so that’s why you’ll see prices all the way up to $600,000 or more! That’s what one lot at “The Villas at Desert Shores” will set you back.

Now, that is a 1,200 square foot lot with a private waterfall pool grotto, sunken entertainment area, covered BBQ bar, a great room and kitchen (with walk-in pantry), and a wine chiller, so it may just be worth it!

A more modest unit at Desert Shores comes in at $295,000 (but that still gets you a private pool, granite kitchen, fireplace and more).

Don’t Want to Buy? Rent First

If investing in permanent ownership of a spot at a motorcoach resort is a little out of your price range, many locations do allow you to rent a space by the night, week, or even month. Of course, there’s a reputation to uphold, so your vehicle will still need to meet certain standards like being in “good, clean condition” and meeting length requirements.

With renting, you can at least feel like a millionaire for a little as $100 a night. Choose a prime resort in peak season, and your nightly rent will probably be closer to $200 or more. And you may not have to go far to find this lifestyle. Many traditional RV parks are overhauling sections of their grounds and upgrading them with amenities specifically for buses (as these oversized vehicles are called). Add in a gate with a security guard, and you’ve got instant exclusivity.

Scott Hunter, sales coordinator at Ancira RV near Fort Worth, Texas told Yahoo Travel that his customers who spend over $1 million on a vehicle almost always pay in cash, and they only end up using their RVs a small handful of times a year.

It’s clear that these resorts aren’t really geared towards your average owner. These resorts are for people who want to enjoy the outdoors in a private setting and don’t necessarily want to leave behind their cushy mansions while they do it.

Motorcoach resorts to explore:







North Carolina


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