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Don’t Have An RV Oven? Check Out This Stovetop Oven From Sweden

RVers who don’t have an oven or microwave in their rig and depend solely on the stovetop for cooking might want to look into the Omnia stovetop oven by Omnia Sweden.

Omnia claims that this recreational oven can be used on all types of stoves in RVs, boats, tents, and cabins. It can bake bread, cookies, muffins, pizza, and other foods that require an oven.

While there are other stovetop ovens in the market such as the Coleman Camp Oven, the Omnia is unique in that it is very compact and lightweight.

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The Omnia stovetop oven can bake bread, brownies and even pizza. Photo courtesy of Omnia

The Omnia is about the size of a medium to large stovetop pot. It comes in three parts: a stainless steel support, an aluminum food container, and a lid.

Photo by Christina Nellemann

The support raises up and keeps the main food container away from direct flame. The aluminum food container is round with a central hole that allows the heat to spread into the container.

Photo by Christina Nellemann

The lid contains ventilation holes that divert heat over the top of the main container. Other accessories are available including a silicon and foil mold and an oven rack.

Photo courtesy of Omnia

If you are using a propane camp stove or RV burner, Omnia recommends using a medium flame for most recipes. If you have an electric hot plate or portable induction burner, Omnia recommends using the maximum amount of heat.

Photo by Christina Nellemann

This oven is especially beneficial for RVs and smaller campers that don’t have a lot of space or people who don’t want to haul around heavy or oversized gear. The oven fits into its own bag that can be tucked into a kitchen cabinet.

The Omnia website has several recipes and you can find a few more online. I decided to try out a few basic foods and recipes in my fiberglass trailer and on a Coleman camp stove to see if the little oven lives up to its reputation.

Photo by Christina Nellemann

The first thing I tried was a package of vegetable spring rolls from Trader Joe’s. These types of foods are useful to have on the road for a quick lunch or dinner, but they do taste best if heated up in an oven rather than in a pan.

Photo by Christina Nellemann

I set the oven on medium heat to replicate the 400-degree oven temperatures on the package and used a little coconut oil to keep the rolls from sticking to the pan. Exactly 17 minutes later (as indicated on the package), I had hot, crispy rolls that didn’t burn at all.

stovetop oven
Photo by Christina Nellemann

While the egg rolls are a simple meal, what is nice about the Omnia is that I didn’t have to constantly watch the food to make sure it didn’t burn. It also heated up my little trailer on a cold day.

Because the Omnia is small and designed with a circular opening, it is limited to the amount of food it can hold and some recipes may need to be adapted to accommodate for the central hole. My next recipe did just that.

Photo by Christina Nellemann

I decided to make a calzone from the Omnia recipe page, but this time on a Coleman Triton outdoor propane stove. I made my own pizza dough, but you can always buy pre-made dough from a store.

I filled it with pesto, salami, peppers, and cheese and rolled it into a tube to fit the cylindrical shape of the pan. I set the burner on a low medium flame.

Photo by Christina Nellemann

The recipe said that the calzone would be done in about 30 to 40 minutes, but it was actually fully baked in about 25 minutes. The bottom did get a little brown, but I think that’s because the olive oil from the pesto leaked out a bit.

The dough and all the fillings were fully cooked and it made a great, quick lunch in the outdoors. I’m looking forward to trying out some brownies!

Photo by Christina Nellemann

One major benefit of a stovetop oven is that there is no need to bend over in a confined space and open up an oven door to peek at a baking dish. The Omnia does get very hot, so you will need oven mitts or gloves to take off the lid and remove the pan or the food.

This little oven is not going to feed a large group and it’s not going to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, but it will bake and heat up foods quickly and efficiently. You can find it on Amazon with included accessories for about $113.