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Portable Cat Home Made From Simple Wicker Chest

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Some RVers have retrofitted their motorhomes with litter boxes under (and inside) cabinets. Others find they can sacrifice a little exterior storage space and convert a luggage compartment for a cat’s home.

If you’re not into sawing holes or losing the already tight storage space in your RV, here’s another idea: make a portable cat house for the road!

Reddit user THR33ZUS_BANGS made what he calls a ‘stealth litter box’ our of a wicker chest.

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He started with this simple wicker chest. Wicker chests are light, and you can find large ones online for $50-$100 – or much cheaper at the resale shop!

Simple wicker chest

Besides some plywood for a base and door, he needed just a few extra supplies: adhesive, velcro, and green crafting turf.

Supplies for mobile cat home

Fitting the plywood base inside the chest.

Fitting the plywood base

Using a jigsaw, he trimmed the panels to fit.


On goes the cat door.

Attaching cat door

The door was initially too thick, but these supports fixed that problem.

Cat door support

Where the door would go.

Door opening on chest

View of the cat door from the inside.

How the door looks inside chest

This portable cat home isn’t just a litter box. He installed some green turf with velcro to make a comfortable floor.

Green padded floor

The portable cat house wouldn’t be complete without a place to store some cat-care necessities.

Cat care storage

Ready for the road!

Mobile cat house

Commenters have argued for more plastic paneling along the side to prevent ‘overspray’. You sure wouldn’t want the cat urine soaking into the wicker walls.