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7 Reasons Why RVing Is Good For Your Mind, Body & Soul

This post was updated on April 23rd, 2024

RVing comes with some amazing benefits. You don’t only get to experience new areas all the time, but traveling the open road is good for your mind, body and soul too. These are seven of the many definite reasons that will remind you why there’s nothing like RV life.

1. You have total freedom.

reasons RVing
Photo via Pexels
Tim Gouw punttim, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Where do you want to go? The road is yours when you’re in an RV. Visit the Grand Canyon, take on the historic Route 66, explore New England, travel through Florida, or drive up to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The possibilities are virtually endless, and everything you need is already there with you.

2. You’re always experiencing new things and facing new challenges.

reasons RVing
Photo via Flickr/faungg

RVing is all about adventures, but with that comes its own challenges like realizing you’re lost or having a tire blowout. Whatever the case, we’re able to figure it out and learn something new for our trips moving forward.

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3.  Studies have shown that being outside is good for you.

reasons RVing
Photo via Ed Suominen

It helps with everything! Surrounding yourself with nature: boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, helps improve mental clarity and focus, accelerates recovery after an illness, and even improves your sleep and mood. (Read more about the studies here.)

4. You learn to be more organized.

reasons RVing
Photo via Just 5 More Minutes

When you live in the close quarters of an RV, staying organized and up-to-date on things like dishes and laundry is essential. It’s not just a great habit to keep your things from getting too messy, but it will also keep your mind less cluttered too.

5. You get to meet new people.

reasons RVing
Photo via RV With Tito on Flickr

A wonderful thing about traveling is getting to meet new people. RVers are always friendly and outgoing, and usually willing to lend a helping hand when needed. They have stories to tell and experiences to share, and you could even have a new friend on Facebook after leaving.

6. You’re more inclined to eat healthier.

reasons RVing
Photo via Exploring the Local Life

Going out to local restaurants when you’re traveling can be fun once in awhile. But it’s a lot easier to eat healthier (and stick to a budget) when you always have a kitchen at your fingertips.

7. You can gaze at the stars every night.

reasons RVing
Photo via wiserbailey on Flickr

Camping and RVing is magical at night. There’s nothing like falling asleep to the quiet sounds of nature, sitting around a warm campfire and gazing at the bright stars dotted across the dark sky.

Why do you love RVing? Share your favorite reasons with us below.

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