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Must-Have Products For Your RV Bathroom

When it comes to RV living, so much focus goes into the communal living space and bedroom that the bathroom might be a second thought. But this room is just as important (if not more) as the other spaces in an RV.

With the small space dedicated to this room, it’s important to pick the right objects that help the space function, whether through being multi-use, smaller, or just wiser. Here are a few must-have products for an RV bathroom.


When it comes to picking towels for an RV, there are two aspects to consider. If they are being stored on a shelf or behind a door, a less bulky option is going to take up less space. The other is the material they’re made of since you don’t want ones that take a long time to dry.

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Photo by Tom Small, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Wet towels can make the bathroom humid and create a mildew odor. Consider backpacking/camping towels that are made of microfiber, a thin material that dries much quicker than other towels. They also usually come with built-in hooks to be hung on the back of a door. There are also regular towels that can be found made of quick-drying materials like these.


When it comes to storage, suction cups are your new best friend! Most RVs don’t come with storage for some of the basic bathroom necessities: hand-towels, razors, etc. And since there isn’t space, counter or otherwise, to put these, suction options that can hang onto the wall or mirror are a great option.

Bathroom storage. Photo via Amazon ($10, Amazon)

This suction cup washcloth holder has three prongs for towels and this razor caddy suctions to the shower wall. A bigger version of the same caddy is also available for storing shampoo and conditioner.

This soap dish can be used in both the shower or above the sink. Or maybe you would prefer an all-in-one storage system that hangs from the wall and holds six toothbrushes, three cups, and has caddy space for toothpaste, razors, etc. This makes a great option for a family sharing one small RV bathroom!

If your RV didn’t come with a medicine cabinet and has room for one, consider buying and installing your own.

Aside from suctioned items that stick to walls, hooks and hanging systems are another great way to store items in the bathroom. Hooks are a better way to store towels than shelves which makes for bulky use of space. Make sure the towels you buy have loops for hanging.  

Over-the-door storage for towels and other items is another option. These can be hung over the door or even over the shower curtain for storage. Buying a shower curtain with storage built into itself is also a great option!

Trash can

Every bathroom needs a trash can, but where in your RV should you store it? Simply placing it on the floor won’t keep it from knocking over while driving.

Suction cup trash bins. Photo via Amazon ($14, Amazon)

If your bathroom is large enough to have any cupboard doors, an over-the-cabinet wastebasket attaches to the inside and will remain put while going over bumpy roads and stay hidden as well. There are also many trash cans available with suction cups to stick to whatever surface you desire, though these tend to run small since the suction can’t withstand too much weight.


An RV bathroom is sure to come with a basic bathroom mirror but often that mirror is poorly lit and leaves much to be desired should someone want to put on makeup or closely inspect one’s face.

There are several suction mirror options including a magnifying mirror for those up-close jobs like tweezing eyebrows or an LED mirror that both magnifies and lights up.

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