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The Pros And Cons Of An RV Cell Phone Booster

RV cell phone booster mounted on motorhome

The Pros And Cons Of An RV Cell Phone Booster

An RV cell phone booster can help cell phone users enhance coverage in areas where service is spotty or unreliable.

An RV cell booster improves cell service reception via three primary components:

  • An antenna mounted outside of your RV to receive signals. This antenna is bigger and better than the one contained within your mobile device.
  • An amplifier which “boosts” the signal.
  • Interior antenna(s) which rebroadcast the amplified signal inside your RV.

The pros of an RV cell phone booster

  • They provide a more stable connection for phone calls and internet usage.
  • Fewer dropped calls.
  • Often provide faster data speeds.
  • Improved battery life on your wireless device as it doesn’t have to work as hard to obtain a usable signal.
  • Reduced levels of electromagnetic radiation from your phone (poorer signals produce higher levels of radiation).
  • Often eliminates breakups, distortion, echo and more during voice calls.
  • Directional antennas on a telescopic pole can be utilized to maximize reception in most remote areas.
  • Increases the likelihood of communicating with first responders from remote campsites if the need arises.

The cons of an RV cell booster

  • They can’t make something out of nothing, so if there isn’t a signal to begin with, an RV cell booster can’t create one.
  • An improperly installed booster can interfere with other calls, including emergency calls to 911.
  • They require electrical power, which is a precious commodity when dry camping.
  • Internal antennas only transmit a short distance, which might only provide service in a limited portion of the RV.
  • There are many boosters on the market that are poorly designed and poorly made which can lead to frustration and a waste of money. Be certain to purchase a booster that will perform as promised.
  • Antennas on top of telescopic poles necessitate lowering and raising between campsites, adding one more chore to the “to-do” checklist.
  • A good RV cell phone booster system can be expensive.

If you like to camp in remote areas and find yourself standing outside of your RV, in the window openings, along one side of your RV, or holding your phone in just the right way to obtain a usable cell signal, then the pros of an RV cell booster probably far outweigh the cons, making a booster the right choice for you.

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