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A RV Emergency Radio That Can Light Up a Room and Charge Your Phone

We have probably all heard an incredible story where someone escaped injury or worse, promptly thinking and possibly remarking, “wow are they lucky”. We are firm believers that luck is where preparedness meets opportunity. One of our favorite RV accessories happens to be all about preparedness, a RV emergency radio. The Ambient Weather Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio, Flashlight, and Phone Charger. This gadget would be a the equivalent of Houston in the story of Apollo 13. The Ambient Weather Emergency Gadget is the item you will come to depend on when the unexpected happens. Whether it is running out of gas in a rural area, losing power during a storm, or just getting lost in the dark, this clever must-have can bail you out of many conceivable predicaments you may find yourself in.

RV Emergency Radio That Can Light Up a Room and Charge Your Phone


The Ambient Weather Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio, Flashlight, and Phone Charger has quite a bit of functionality jammed into its small cubed chassis. This RV emergency radio includes:

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  • Digital FM/AM Weather Alert Radio (News, Weather, Music, etc.)
  • 3 LED Flashlight
  • Mobile Phone Charger (along with many other mobile devices such as the iPad, Kindle, Android, etc.)
  • Can be charged from an AC adapter, USB (Computer), car charger, hand crank or even from a solar panel embedded on the top
  • Uses a non-proprietary battery that is easily replaceable
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ x 3.0″ x 2.0″



We have found several uses for this RV emergency radio. One in the RV, one in the car (which we tow), and another in our sticks and bricks home. The versatility is fantastic. The best part is, after owning several similar products over the years, this one actually works. The light is bright enough to be useful, the radio is clear, and the device itself feels of higher quality than other units we have owned. You can plug it in using the AC adapter or just easily use the hand crank to charge it. The radio can be powered for around 15-20 minutes after just 1 minute of hand cranking. When the unit is fully charged, it can power the radio for approximately 6 hours without without any further effort.

This handy RV emergency radio has a very sensitive solar panel and will begin to charge the device without being in direct sunlight. We were able to fully charge a standard Motorola cell phone using only the internal battery and a small amount of sunlight in approximately 2 hours.

An important tip to remember with electronics in general, especially items shipped from overseas (nearly everything these days), be sure to test the item when you get it. People tend to buy items like this, stick them in a closet and don’t pull them out till they need them not realizing it was damaged in shipping or defective!

We cant say enough about the importance of being prepared, especially while traveling. Whether you choose the Ambient Weather Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio, Flashlight, and Phone Charger or something a different RV emergency radio, know that devices like this don’t matter…..until they do.

Do you have any emergency tips or RV accessories you never leave home without? Please share them in the comments below!

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