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10 RV Mods For Dogs That Will Make Life Easier

This post was updated on March 27th, 2024


These Camping Dogs RV Mods are Genius!

Our dogs love camping as much as we do. Having your furry friends along for RV adventures makes for a better trip for everyone. Whether it’s just for the weekend or if you’re a full-timer with dogs, these 10 RV mods for dogs will make life easier for you and Fido.

Indoor RV mods for dogs

First, let’s look at some interior RV mods to make life easier.

1. Smart air conditioner

Your dog’s safety and comfort can’t be overlooked. We would all love to have our dogs with us everywhere we go. However, sometimes we have to leave them behind. Installing a smart air conditioner that can link to your phone ensures you know your dog is safe in a cooled RV while you are out.

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2. Retracting gate

Your fur baby is an angel and would never do anything bad while you are away, right?

Some dogs do better alone than others. If your dog is less than well behaved, consider a baby/dog gate to keep him or her out of trouble. This retracting style gate takes up minimal space, making it perfect for your RV.

3. Dog bed

Sometimes we just want a little privacy. Our dogs are no different. Many RVs have unused storage space under the bed. This can be a great area to modify into a private space for your dog to relax and have some alone time.

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4. Pet food storage

Space in RVs can be tight. Finding space for a 40-pound bag of dog food may not be easy. Plastic airtight containers make a great out of the way solution if you have a deep enough drawer to put one in. If not, you could consider a rolling pet food container that is easily relocated if needed. Store what you can inside the RV and the rest in your under-seat storage or in the outdoor storage compartment.

5. Doggy stairs

Nothing beats snuggling up with a warm furry puppy. Most RV beds are quite high and most smaller and elderly dogs will have trouble getting in and out by themselves. Built-in stairs at your bedside or at the door of your bed will make sure you never sleep alone. These can often double as storage areas underneath as well. Check out DoggieDesigner for some ideas.

6. Dog crates

Dog crates are large cumbersome items many dog owners have. The space requirements are often large; breaking it down and setting it up to save space during the day can be a pain. Incorporating a dog crate into your RV design is a great way to have a dual-purpose space. Check out this great mod by Rachael and Jesse of @thetasteforadventure:

Outdoor RV mods for dogs

Now let’s check out some outdoor mods for your RV.

7. RV door ramp

A lot of dogs have issues with stairs, particularly the metal style stairs found on most RVs. Carrying a 60-pound Labrador in and out of your RV is going to get old real fast.

An RV door ramp can be the answer to your dog’s irrational fear of stairs. This would also work well if you have an older dog who isn’t physically able to climb stairs.

8. Screen doors

Upgrading your screen door with a stronger paw-resistant aluminum screen could save you in repairs. It could also prevent possibly having to search the campground for your dog who’s out looking for new friends. Options like this one from Camco are an easy mod to make.

RV screen door upgrade - RV mods for dogs
RV screen door upgrade – Camco

9. Magnetic screen door

We have all dealt with a dog that can’t decide whether he or she wants to be inside or outside. Give them the ability to come and go as they please with a magnetic screen door. Of course, this opens the option of unwanted guests entering your RV as well, so be aware of your surroundings!

10. Leash storage

Dogs need exercise and love exploring. However, their leashes and harnesses can be annoying to store. You might try to stuff them in an open space somewhere. Often they end up lying on the floor near the entrance. Attach a leash holder to the outside of your RV near the door so when it’s time to go play there’s no searching for a leash.

Space in an RV is always an issue. If you have room for your dog in the RV, you have to make room for his or her things as well. Beds, toys, food, crates, harnesses… it all adds up. Hopefully some of these mods help make life in your RV with a dog easier.

For more ideas, check out this video from Getaway Couple:

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We would love to hear about any mods you’ve made to make life easier RVing with a dog. Comment below, on our Facebook page, or share them with the RV community on iRV2 Forums.

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