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The Best Ways To Organize Your RV Office

laptop by RV window - feature image for RV office
How should you organize your RV office? Photo credit: Shutterstock

Create A More Organized Workspace In Your RV

More people than ever before are working remotely from their RVs. This is because a massive number of jobs have been made into remote positions. 

Remote positions can often be done from any location where Wi-Fi connectivity is available. This gives employees the opportunity to travel. Remote workers work from amazing locations where they work while enjoying all the comforts of the RV lifestyle. 

Many RV manufacturers have responded by providing functional RV offices in their new models. However, many remote workers fashion a loosely organized workspace into one of the living areas in their RV. Many times, this workspace is at the RV dinette, but sometimes it’s a bedroom or space in the living room.    

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Whether or not you have dedicated RV office space in your rig, the key to productivity is staying organized. Creating an organized workspace in your RV saves you from drowning in a sea of paper, electronics, writing utensils, and wires. Read on for great tips to get more out of your RV office.

1. Have a place for everything

Having a place for everything seems obvious, but it is the first step to having an organized workspace in your RV.  Make sure you have a place to store each of your RV office necessities. 

If you require a printer, get a wireless travel version that you can store out of the way until you need to use it. Other ideas include using a roll-up jewelry caddy that can hang on a wall to keep paperclips, charging cables, pens, etc. handy when you need to work. After your work day is done, or when you travel, a jewelry organizer can be rolled up and stored in a box like one of Ikea’s storage totes. Of course, you should always put everything back into its place when you are done. 

 2. Use your RV wall space effectively

Getting office supplies onto the walls and off your desk will help to create an organized workspace where there is room for ideas to flow. Use wall organizers to store printer supplies, mail, and stationery up and out of the way.

3. Neatly organize electronics wires and cables

Nearly everything we use in our remote office needs to be plugged in or charged. That can sometimes make a tangled mess of cables. Labeling each cable and storing it in a cable caddy when you aren’t using it will help keep whichever cable you need handy. 

Using a cable organizing box will help keep cables out of the way when you are working. For more tips about how to get electronics wire and cables organized in your RV, check out this article.

4. Take advantage of apps to organize events and appointments

There is no good reason to have a desktop calendar anymore with so many great organization and event planning apps. Using a remote work organization app like Asana can really help you keep your workflow on track, especially when you have projects that involve multiple people. 

5. Under-desk storage solutions for your pens, pencils, etc.

Being able to find a pen when you need it helps make your RV office flow more efficiently. There are a number of under-desk storage drawers that mount under any desk or table to keep your pens, pencils, and styluses out of the way but still handy.  

6. Get better productivity with a portable adjustable desk

Standing up periodically when you are working can help you maintain good posture and stay healthy while increasing your productivity. A study by the American Society Of Interior Designers found that 65% of workers who used standing desks reported that their productivity increased. 

Luckily, if you want the benefits of a standing desk without the added furniture, you can get an adjustable folding laptop desk that sits neatly on any table or desk. A folding laptop desk adjusts to any height, so you can use it as an ergonomic standing desk when you are working and then fold the legs and stow it neatly away. 

Get more tips from RVers

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