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Your Guide To RV Sewer Hose Storage

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

RV sewer hose storage

What to Do About the Stinky Slinky?

RV sewer hose storage is an issue for many RVers, especially for those that require an extra sewer hose while staying hooked up at RV parks for extended periods.

While most RVs come equipped with a storage area for one sewer hose, which one hose is sufficient for most campgrounds and dump stations, occasionally RVers will need more than one sewer hose where one hose isn’t sufficient to reach the sewer opening.

By using an extra hose, or two, an RVer can stay connected to the sewer avoiding the inconvenience of breaking camp to dump their tanks. The question most RVers find themselves asking is where to store extra sewer hose(s)? One thing everyone can agree on regarding RV sewer hose storage is that they don’t want it stored within the interior of the RV!

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 Here is what blogger Kevin Ophoff has to say about RV sewer hose storage,

“You may need to store a longer “stinky slinky” than your RV’s bumper can hold. Often the hose will come with a storage bag. You might not have room inside your home to store this smelly hose and you probably don’t want to.”

Your Guide To RV Sewer Hose Storage

Vinyl Fence Post and Caps

Vinyl fence post is designed to be used as a standalone post or as a sleeve over wood post such as a standard 4×4. The most common vinyl fence post measures 5” x 5” which is perfect to hold a RV sewer hose and the most common fittings RVers attach to them.

Matching caps can then be added to the end to keep the sewer hose in and out of sight. Installation options include mounting under the RV or on top of the rear bumper. For added convenience, some RVers add a length of vinyl gutter inside the post to use as a sliding tray providing an easy way to slide the sewer hose in and out.

Here’s a short informational video on RV sewer hose storage where the RVer utilizes vinyl fence post along with gutters for slide trays as mentioned above:

PVC pipe and caps

4” diameter PVC pipe makes great RV sewer hose storage as a sewer hose will easily slip inside. Threaded caps can be used on the ends to secure your sewer hose.

Most RVers drill holes inside of the pipe facing down to allow for drainage. As in the case above, the PVC pipe can be mounted under the RV or on top of the rear bumper.

Large Rubber Maid Roughneck Container

The containers come in a variety of sizes that will accommodate most types and sizes of sewer hoses and fittings. The lid snaps securely in place to make sure the contents don’t spill out in an inopportune place. The containers can be stored in a basement storage compartment or in the bed of a pickup truck.

Christmas Wreath Box

Bags and boxes designed for Christmas wreaths have become a popular choice for RV sewer hose storage in recent years. They are round, allowing for a sewer hose to be neatly coiled within them, about the same depth of a sewer hose/fittings, and can be zipped or latched closed. The boxes prove to be more durable than the bags.

An ingenious RVer could easily design a mount allowing a Christmas wreath box to be mounted next to the bumper spare tire on the rear of an RV.

Unique RV Sewer Hose Storage
Christmas Wreath Box – Photo & cover photo via iRV2

RV sewer hose storage can be easily added to most any RV using one of the above ideas. For more info, check out: