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The Best RV Tech Upgrades On A Budget

RV solar power, image for RV tech

What Are The Best Low-Cost Tech Upgrades For Your RV?

Traveling in an RV doesn’t mean you have to leave the comforts of modern technology behind. With an ever-expanding market for RV tech, owners now have countless options to upgrade their motorhomes without spending a fortune. In this article, we’ll explore the top low-cost tech upgrades that can enhance your RV experience.

1. Solar power

Harnessing solar energy is not only an eco-friendly power solution but a testament to the advancement of RVing. As more travelers seek sustainable ways to explore, solar power has emerged as a must-have for those wanting off-grid power.

Ideal for boondocking or dry camping, solar power offers a renewable energy source that can power appliances, lights, and gadgets without a regular electrical hookup. It also minimizes generator use, reducing noise and fuel consumption.

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Jackery offers an excellent solar generator that makes it easy to charge all your devices on-the-go. There are also some lower cost options as well. You can even find solar chargers for your phone and other small electronics.

2. LED lighting

LED lights have revolutionized RV interiors. They offer far more than just illumination; they provide a chance to create ambiance tailored to personal preferences. With a significantly longer lifespan than traditional bulbs and consuming only a fraction of the power, they’re an energy-efficient solution. The variety in color temperatures allows RVers to shift from a bright workspace to a cozy haven with just a switch.

3. Wi-Fi boosters

In our digital age, staying connected is often non-negotiable. Whether you’re working from the road, streaming a movie, or just updating family via social media, a stable internet connection is crucial. Wi-Fi boosters cater to this need by amplifying available weak signals. No more scouting for the nearest cafe or settling for patchy campground Wi-Fi; boosters ensure your RV remains a connected haven, no matter where you park.

Our top picks:

4. Digital thermostats

Comfort is paramount when on the road, and temperature plays a significant role in this. The digital thermostat offers a precise and easy-to-control environment over the older, often finicky manual versions. With clear displays and accurate readings, they ensure your RV maintains the desired temperature, resulting in a consistent and comfortable climate. It’s a simple upgrade that goes a long way in enhancing living conditions.

5. Backup cameras

Navigating an RV through tight spaces or backing into a secluded campsite can be daunting. Backup cameras relieve this stress by providing a clear view of what’s behind, eliminating many blind spots associated with larger vehicles. This not only ensures safety but also provides peace of mind, making parking or reversing processes much more straightforward and less anxiety-inducing.

6. Smart plugs

In an age where convenience is king, smart plugs reign supreme. Transforming basic appliances into smart devices, these plugs allow for remote operation via smartphone apps. Imagine starting your coffee maker from bed or ensuring your heater starts just before you return from a chilly hike. Beyond convenience, they also offer safety, allowing you to check and switch off any appliance remotely.

7. USB outlets

Our gadgets are our lifelines. From phones and tablets to cameras and drones, they all demand power. Traditional sockets often fall short, leading to the frustrating juggle of adapters and chargers. By installing USB outlets, RVers can ensure multiple devices charge simultaneously, eliminating clutter and ensuring that everything is ready to capture the next adventure.

8. Water filtration systems

Traveling exposes you to diverse water sources, and not all are created equal. A water filtration system in your RV guarantees access to clean, safe drinking water irrespective of the source. Beyond health benefits, these systems can significantly improve the taste and odor of water, ensuring your morning coffee or cooking remains consistent and delicious. Clear2O has a wide variety of options that are perfect for RVers.

9. Bluetooth speakers

Sound plays an integral role in setting the mood. Whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music, or catching up on a podcast, quality sound enhances the experience. Bluetooth speakers, with their portability and robust audio capabilities, offer this and more. Easily move them between indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring you have the perfect soundtrack for every moment of your journey.

10. Mobile hotspots

The allure of the open road doesn’t mean one has to be disconnected. Mobile hotspots offer consistent internet access, ensuring that whether you’re deep in the woods or parked by the beach, your connection remains strong. Especially for those who work remotely, this consistent connectivity is crucial. With personal hotspots, not only do you get reliable internet, but also a secure connection, keeping your data safe.

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These RV tech upgrades will enhance your RV without breaking your budget. For even more tips, check out what other RVers are saying on forums such as You’ll also find brand-specific information on additional forums like Air Forums, Forest River Forums, and Jayco Owners Forum.

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