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RV Towing Guide – 4 Wheels Down Cars

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RV TowingHaving a motorhome is wonderful. No question about it. The trouble is what to do once you arrive for transportation. People have come up with all kinds of ways to bring along secondary transportation. Many options lack simplicity and are extremely costly. Most options will require a certain type of vehicle, parts, or motorhome to tow it. It can also be quite expensive to have all this stuff installed and prepared for use.  Today there are an array of vehicles that can be towed behind your RV without the need for a trailer or complicated setup. I came across a few resources that are very thorough that speak directly to this topic. We encourage you to look into it more through the resources below!

Great video from Mark Polk on special considerations when towing a car behind your RV


“Most Jeep and Saturn vehicles can be towed without modifications, as well as various Chevy, Ford & Dodge cars, trucks & SUVs. Check with your dealer to verify tow-ability; it can be very costly to repair a vehicle that has been towed when it should not have been.” Source

“Generally speaking, the best vehicle to tow behind a motorhome is one that can be towed with its wheels on the ground, is relatively lightweight, and doesn’t register miles while being towed. (The lighter the vehicle is, the less wear and tear on the RV and towing system as well.)
See if your car is capable of being towed four wheels down…”

See the rest of the RV Towing article from

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