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5 Tips For RV Windshield Repair

View through cracked windsheild with truck approching - RV windsheild repair

5 Things You Should Know About RV Windshield Repair

With enough miles traveled, RV windshield damage is inevitable. Small chips are common and easily repaired by glass shops quickly and for a minimal cost.

Although RV owners are limited in their ability to perform windshield repairs, there are some things you can do.

It’s more than just a windshield

A vehicle’s windshield is an integral part of the structure of the vehicle. Without the windshield, the roof and supporting posts are compromised in strength. A vehicle is designed and engineered to operate with all of its components working together.

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Windshields are not like regular glass, which breaks easily and has little to no structural integrity.  Most windshields are laminated glass, which uses plastic sandwiched between glass to form one piece.

This makes them strong and resistant to shattering. If you’ve ever seen a broken windshield, you likely noticed that although it breaks, it does not shatter. This is due to the laminating process.

While glass repair is generally left to the pros, there are some things you should do when your RV windshield is damaged before it can be fixed.

1. Keep it clean and covered

When you first get a chip in your windshield, the best thing to do is cover it up. Glass shops often have stickers to place over cracks and chips to keep them dry and free of dirt.

Dirt and moisture are not good for chips and cracks in the glass. If debris is in the chip, try wiping it clean with a soft cloth. Chip stickers will keep it clean until you have it repaired.

You can also use clear packing tape to cover the area temporarily to keep it clean.

2. Avoid temperature changes

Many have experienced the winter windshield cracking in colder climates. A small crack or chip can quickly spread when exposed to sudden temperature changes.

You pull out of your garage with a small chip, and before you’re out of the driveway, it’s spread across the entire windshield. This is a sure way to lead to RV windshield repair.

Try to avoid major temperature changes like moving from inside to outside or blasting your defrost on a cold windshield.

3. Keep things smooth until it’s fixed

Potholes can be tough to avoid, and not all roads are smooth, but it is important to not put any extra strain on a cracked windshield.

A small chip or crack that can easily be fixed can spread easily with excess vibration or jarring of a vehicle. Take extra caution with your driving and avoid rough roads on your way to the repair shop.

Dirt road filled with pot holes at sunset - RV windshield repair

4. Follow the instructions for DIY windshield repair

There are DIY kits for RV windshield repair, and people use them successfully all the time. If you do choose to use one of these kits, reading and following the instructions is key. 

Having the area clean and dry will be stressed in the instructions. These kits are limited to smaller damage, so if you think it’s beyond the limits of a DIY kit or your ability to apply it correctly, just go to the pros.

5. Don’t wait to get RV windshield repair 

RV windshield repair, if caught early as a small chip or crack, is generally a pretty cheap fix. However, replacing an entire windshield is not so cheap.

Windshield repairs for small damage are generally pretty quick. Many mobile services are available to come to your house, and lots of windshield repair locations are set up in parking lots and convenient locations.

If the damage is greater than a chip or crack, like from a larger object or collision, the damage should be repaired immediately! Driving with a compromised windshield is dangerous and can result in additional damage and injury if you are involved in an accident.

Having a crystal clear windshield in your RV not only allows for a clear view of your travels but is also a huge part of the overall safety of your rig. If you’re in need of RV windshield repair, follow these tips and get back on the road!

Track your RV maintenance and repairs

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