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RVing With Dogs: 5 Tips For Keeping The Camper Clean

This post was updated on May 11th, 2024

3 dogs in RV
Photo credit: Lynne Fedorick

How To Keep Your RV Clean When RVing With Dogs

Sharing RV adventures with your dog really adds to the camping experience. We love bringing our dogs camping in the RV with us. A camping trip wouldn’t be the same without them. But we have to admit, dogs bring in their fair share of dog hair (also known as dog glitter), dander, and just plain old dirt into the RV with them. 

As dog owners, we’ve learned we can live with a certain amount of dog glitter. It’s far outweighed by the benefits of sharing our adventures with our four-legged family members. But too much dog glitter is no good either. Even if you have a non-shedding dog, such as a poodle, dander and dirt can put a damper on RV living. Here are five easy fixes to help get dog hair and other messes under control.  

1. Groom often

Brushing your dog regularly will really help keep dog hair and dander under control. A de-shedding tool like a FURminator is a godsend to pet-owning RVers. If your RV has an outdoor shower, bathing your dog regularly will help to keep dog odor down too.

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2. Vacuum often and use a lint roller

The cordless vacuum is another game-changer for RVing with dogs. Like any other hero, a cordless vacuum hangs quietly out of sight until you need it. Then it quickly cleans up, easily getting chaos under control with a few deft strokes. Consider a programable robotic vacuum cleaner for effortless RV cleaning.

dog with lint roller - RVing with dogs
Lint rollers are great for removing dog hair from upholstery Photo credit: Lynne Fedorick

If all else fails, a good lint roller will remove any dog hair from clothing and upholstery. Lint rollers are basically a roll of sticky tape with a handle on it. You just need to roll it over the surface you are de-glittering, and all the dog hair will stick to it. When it’s full, peel off the hairy part of the tape, and the lint roller will be good to go again.

3. Use a Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel 

Whether you have a dog who loves to swim at the lake or wallow in mud puddles, a Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel will help protect your RV from wet or filthy fur. 

golden retriever in ruffwear dirtbag dog towel

The Dirtbag Dog Towel looks and fits like a big dog coat that goes over your dog’s head and clips in place on the sides. The mess-minimizing magic is in the absorbant microfiber towel lining and waterproof shell. The lining sucks up moisture and hangs onto the mud. The waterproof exterior shell keeps the mess inside the coat, although you still need to dry paws and legs. 

When your dog is dry, remove the towel and hang it up for less than an hour to dry. The Dirtbag towel is machine washable too. 

4. Wash or change your dog’s bedding frequently   

Washing your dog’s bedding once a week will make a noticeable difference in the amount of hair that floats around in the RV. If your dog sits on the couch like the rest of the family, then using washable furniture protectors will also help.

5. Use a portable air purifier in your RV  

RVing with dogs can decrease the air quality inside your RV.  A portable air purifier will help filter the air in your RV by removing much of the fine dust and particulate and expelling pure air.  

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