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Sell Your RV This Year, Don’t Store It

Row of storage garages in winter. Will you sell your rv this winter or store it in one of these?

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Sell Your RV This Year, Don’t Store It

Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to figure out what to do with your RV. If you’re like many RV owners, this probably means winterizing the rig and sticking it in storage for six months or more. However, this isn’t your only option, and depending on your situation, it might not even be your best option.

So what choice could be better? In some cases, choosing to sell your RV is a much better decision. You may be wondering, “Why should I choose to sell my RV rather than store it?” Honestly, there are a number of reasons this might be the best choice for you and your trailer/motorhome. Let’s talk a little bit about the many reasons you might want to sell your RV before winter sets in. 

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Why Sell Your RV Before Winter Instead Of Storing It?

Save time

Winterizing an RV takes quite a bit of time. Finding a suitable place to store an RV takes even more time, and will be especially difficult this year considering how many RVs have sold the past couple of years. Of course, you’ll also have to move your rig to the storage lot after winterizing it, and make time during the winter months to go check up on the rig. 

If you’re like most people, your time is precious and very limited. Why spend so much of your time preparing and storing your rig for winter when you can sell your RV and let someone else use it for the cold months or deal with the storage aspect? 

Save money

Another big benefit for those who choose to sell RV motorhomes instead of storing them? Money saved. In addition to time, winterizing and storing a trailer or motorhome also costs money. There is the cost of the RV antifreeze, yes, but much more expensive than that is the cost of a space in a storage lot.

Even uncovered outdoor spots can be expensive, and if you want a climate-controlled storage facility to keep your RV in tip-top shape during the winter, you can count on spending several hundred dollars each month. 

Clearly, storing an RV for winter is a costly endeavor, so why would you take it on when you can pass the cost on to someone else? Selling RV motorhomes is a much smarter option, financially speaking.

Make a profit

Considering the huge amount of demand there is for motorhomes and trailers right now, this is the perfect time to sell your RV. Not only are many people looking for RVs, many RV owners are also finding they can make quite a decent profit when selling. Depending on 1) when you purchased your RV, 2) whether you bought new or used, and 3) if you got a good deal, you might be able to make a profit when selling your RV too.

To determine whether you can make a profit off of your RV, use National Vehicle valuation tool to see how much your rig might be worth. This will give you a good idea of whether or not you’ll come out ahead when you sell your motorhome or trailer. 

Family with new RV

Get a fresh start next year

If your current RV floor plan isn’t working for you, or if you are just no longer in love with your motorhome, sell your RV now. You’ll get to take advantage of all the benefits mentioned above and you can start fresh next year. 

So many people have purchased RVs recently that it’s highly likely a number of used motorhomes and trailers will be for sale next season. This means you can choose an RV that better suits your needs. You’ll also probably snag it for a much lower price than you would pay for it new. You’ll end up with an RV that is the style, size, and floorplan that you truly want, without any of the hassle of winterizing one you don’t care for as much. 

Clearly, this is a major benefit of selling now for anyone who wants to continue camping in the years to come. 

As you can see, there are a number of excellent reasons to sell your RV rather than storing it for winter. Is your next question, “How do I sell my motorhome in a timely manner?” We can help! Many people claim the National Vehicle website is the very best place to sell an RV. Their aforementioned valuation tool will help you determine how much you can sell your trailer or motorhome for, and they’re happy to help you find the right buyer.

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