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Take A Road Trip Across America In This 5 Minute Time-Lapse Video

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Even if you can’t take your own several-thousand-mile journey in the near future, you can still enjoy the beauty across America through the eyes of another traveler.

Brian DeFrees captured over 200,000 images during his 2 month, 12,225 mile journey.

The camera was set to record an image every 5 seconds as he traveled clockwise around the United States. He started the journey from Syracuse, New York, driving down the East Coast and stopping to camp at popular beaches along the way.

Once he reached Florida, he headed West and traveled through the Southern US all the way to California. After a scenic drive up the California Coast and through Oregon and Washington State, it was back East again through the Midwest.

He arrived in Syrcause, New York just shy of two months after starting his trip.

Try not to lose your bearings as you tear around America!

How many famous sites did you catch? I found myself looking up at the sky and how the clouds and rain showers passed by. Brian also made a time-lapse video of a trip down Route 66 if you want to check that out.

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