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It’s Impossible Not To Stare At This Time Lapse Build Of A Tiffin Allegro 45LP

David and Brenda Bott are full-time RVers who had a custom Tiffin Allegro 45LP built for themselves last year.

It took 11 days to make their new motorhome, and now you can watch the entire process in just 11 minutes.

The images were taken with a GoPro camera set to record a photo every 10 seconds.

While they chose the stock 45LP model, Tiffin allowed them to make some custom adjustments, including a custom color scheme that David and Brenda call the Solar Storm.

Time lapse of an Allegro motorhome build.

Original video by David Bott

Time lapse videos are so mesmerizing. There’s something eerily interesting about watching people move around like ants. I guess this must be how those aliens view us here on Earth. 😛

Also, take a video walk through of this new Tiffin Allegro 45LP and hear their thoughts after living in the large Class A diesel pusher for an entire year.

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